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Colonel Lewis Tremayne’s Regiment of Foot

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelLewis Tremayne
Area RaisedCornwall
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesHopton 1646

Cornish Royalist regiment of foot serving with Hopton in the west in 1646

Service History


  • February: Battle of Torrington
  • February: Loss of Launceston
  • March to August: besieged at Pendennis Castle


Coats, Flags and Equipment

Notable Officers

Lewis Tremayne

Of Heligan, Cornwall

Colonel Lewis Tremaynes regiment of Foot

Lieutenant Colonel George Yeo (1)

Sargeant Major

Captain Lieutenant Robert Robins (3) + I.O. Cornwall

Captain Cottle Ment. I.O. Captain Oliver Dynham (4) + I.O. Cornwall Captain John Prideaux (3) + I.O. Cornwall Captain Walter Rous I.O. Devon Captain Thomas Speccot/t (2) + I.O. L + W Captain Phillip Tremayne (3) + I.O. Cornwall

Lieutenant Leonard Frayne I.O. Devon Lieutenant William Kessell I.O. Cornwall to Capt. Prideaux Lieutenant Thomas Lower (4) Lieutenant Hugh Moores I.O. Cornwall to Capt. Dynham Lieutenant Hugh Morrish (3) Same man ? Lieutenant John Penbertha I.O. Cornwall Lieutenant Warne Remphry (3) + (4) + I.O. Cornwall Lieutenant William Reswell (4) same man as Kessell ?

Ensign Sampson Cole (4) Ensign William Matthews I.O. Cornwall Ensign John Merryfield I.O. Devon to Capt. Speccot Ensign John Norman (4) + I.O. Devon to Capt. Rous Ensign Stephen Pardew (3) + I.O. Devon to Capt. Tremayne Ensign Thomas Pearce/Pierce (2) + (3) + I.O. Cornwall Ensign Francis Rowe I.O. Devon to Capt. Cottle

Quartermaster Hugh Morice (4)

(1) Devon Record Office QSP.128.117.3 October the first day 1688 The humble petition of Edward Bruin of the parish of Spreyton in the said county. Sheweth that your peticioner in the late warr in the raigne of King Charles the first of ever blessed memory,served his Majestie as a souldier under the command of Colonell Tremaine and Lieutenant Colonell Yeo for the space of fower years,dureing which tyme he never deserted his Majesties service and at ye fight at Torrington he received a wound in his head,and likewise in that siege in Pendennis Castle in Cornwall where he endured much hardshipp by meanes whereof he is now altogether unable to gett his livelyhood but is enforced to beg releife of the parish.

SP23.209.115 Extract To the honourable Committee for Compounding with delinquents at Goldsmiths Hall The humble petition of George Yeo of Huish in Devon Esq. Sheweth that your petitioner in the late unhappie warre was in armes for the late Kinge against the forces of the Parliament at the laying down of Armes at Trurowe in Cornwall uppon the Articles of Agreement then concluded uppon. Rc'd 5. Febr. 1648.

(2) DRO.QSP.128.33 Certificate of inhabitants of Clawton that Thomas Pearce was a soldier under Captain Thomas Speccott since deceased ( together with other Commissioned officers in that Regiment wherein he served which could certifie for him )…was wounded in the head and severall parts of the body.

(3) C.R.O. DDT.1755

(4) Cornwall Record Office DDT.1621 A list of Coll Tremaynes officers & souldiers Col. Lewis Tremayne Capt. Oliv. Dinham 2-10-6 Lift. Tho. Lower 14 Lift. Will. Reswell 14 Lift. Wearen Renfrey 14 Ensig. Sampson Cole 10-6 Ensig. John Norman 10-6 Quartermr. Hugh Morice 14 Armourer Emmott Robins Rich Cooke Serg 3-6 Andrew Horsman of Poole 2-6 Wearen Harrow of St. Ewe 2-6 George Whitburne of St Terne ?

43 Common Soldiers

Contemporary References

Devon Record Office QS/128/107/3 Listed as 1681 but undated1)

To the right worshipful his Majesties justice of the peace for the county of Devon now assembled at the generall sessions at the Castle of Exon. The humble petition of John Northam of Sampford Courtney in Devon husbandman Sheweth that your said peticioner served his late Majestie King Charles the first of ever blessed memory in the late unhappy wars under the command of Capt. George Yeo in the Regiment of Coll. Richard Arundell of Trerice in Cornwall and afterwards in the Regiment of Colonel Lewes Tremaine, in which time your peticioner served his said Majestie in the siege against Taunton and Plymouth in which places and in many others yout peticioner endured many hardships both by day and night, some whereof are still visible. During all which war your petitioner never deserted his said Majesties service but still according to his allegiance and duty continued loyall and stedfast in his said Majesties service as your peticioner is ready to prove to the honorable court by sufficient testimonie.


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