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 [[http://​bcw-project.org/​biography/​henry-lord-wilmot|Henry Wilmot]] [[http://​bcw-project.org/​biography/​henry-lord-wilmot|Henry Wilmot]]
 ====Thomas Wentworth, 5th Baron Wentworth==== ====Thomas Wentworth, 5th Baron Wentworth====
-[[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Thomas_Wentworth,​_5th_Baron_Wentworth|Lord Wentworth]]+[[http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Thomas_Wentworth,​_5th_Baron_Wentworth|Thomas Wentworth, 5th Baron Wentworth]] son of the Earl of Cleveland, he previously commanded [[royalist:​dragoon-regiments:​lord-wentworth|Lord Wentworth’s Regiment of Dragoons]] and [[royalist:​horse-regiments:​prince-of-wales|The Prince of Wales’ Regiment of Horse]] in the Oxford Army during the First Civil War. 
 ====Lt Col Thomas Blagge=== ====Lt Col Thomas Blagge===
 Colonel of [[royalist:​foot-regiments:​thomas-blagge|Blagge'​s]] Regiment of Foot in the First Civil War. Colonel of [[royalist:​foot-regiments:​thomas-blagge|Blagge'​s]] Regiment of Foot in the First Civil War.
 +==Earl of Rochester'​s Rgt==
 +(4) Harl.Mss.6804 f.16 A list of the Officers of the Earl of Rochesters Regiment
 +Colonel Christopher Grosse. A Captain to Sir Beville Grenville in the beginning of the rebellion. Major to a Tertia under Prince Maurice under Lord Goring and Major General under Sir Thomas Basset.
 =====Strength===== =====Strength=====
   *April 1657: Estimated at 300 men by English news-sheets   *April 1657: Estimated at 300 men by English news-sheets