Colonel John Hilton’s Regiment of Foot

Active1642 to 1644
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelJohn Hilton
Area RaisedDurham
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesGarrison
Newcastle 1644

Royalist northern regiment of foot serving with the Marquis of Newcastle in 1644

Service History


  • October to November: Hilton commissioned and raises the regiment in County Durham


  • Garrison of Hartlepool
  • February: Skirmish at Yarm Bridge
  • February: Hilton intends to withdraw from Stockton to Hartlepool
  • Garrison of Halifax?


  • March: Battle of Hylton
  • April to July: Besieged at York
  • July: Battle of Marston Moor
  • December to March 1645: Besieged at Pontefract?


Hilton's regiment were raised in late 1642 in the Bishoprick of Durham. Retrospectively, one of their pikemen claimed he was told his service was for the Trained Band, but as far as is known this was a 'voluntary' regiment. Hilton also raised Colonel John Hilton’s Troop of Dragoons.

Coats, Flags & Equipment

At least one pikeman was armoured.

Notable Officers

Col John Hilton

A Hilton of Hilton Castle.

Officer Lists

From original research by Victor judge, aka. BCW user 1642

  • Colonel John Hilton
  • Lieutenant Colonel Lindly Wren (ment. I.O.)
  • Sargeant Major Robert Eden (Ment. I.O.)
  • Captain Robert Carr (ment. I.O)
  • Captain John Clapton
  • Captain Robert Eden
  • Captain Martin Forster (ment. I.O)
  • Captain Richard Harrison
  • Captain John Hilton (ment. I.O)
  • Captain Talbott Lisle
  • Captain John Pemberton
  • Captain John Richardson (I.O. Durham)
  • Captain Lieutenant Robert Follensby (I.O. Durham)
  • Lieutenant John Cuthbert (I.O. Durham to Capt. Carr)
  • Lieutenant John Grigson (I.O. Durham to Sgnt. Maj. Eden)
  • Lieutenant Thomas Pearson (I.O. Durham to Capt. Hilton)
  • Ensign Thomas Chipchase (I.O. Durham to Sgnt. Maj. Eden)
  • Ensign Cuthbert Garret (I.O. Durham to Capt. Lt. Follensby)
  • Ensign Francis Gascoyne (I.O. Durham to Capt. Carre)
  • Ensign James Hackworth (I.O. Durham to Capt. Forster)
  • Ensign Roger Harper (I.O. Durham)
  • Ensign William Leaver (I.O. Durham to Lt. Col. Wren)
  • Ensign John Stobbart (I.O. Durham to Capt. Hilton)
  • Ensign Thomas Todd (I.O. Durham to Lt. Col. Wren)
  • Quartermaster Arthur Crispe (I.O. Durham)

Contemporary References

From original research by Victor judge, aka. BCW user 1642

The correspondence of Isaac Basire, with a memoir of his life by W.N. Darnell. For his much respected freind Dr Bazeer att his house at Edgeclyff del' this. Sir, I am by reason of certaine especiall affaires to retreat withy my Regiment for a season to Hartinpoole-Therefore I desire you wilbe pleased to take the paines as to see the bridge drawne every night on Edgeclyffe side; which will conduce very much to the countreys and your safety. And there shall scouts waite continually neare you, to certifie me of all proceedings, and I shall take it from you as a curtesie ever to oblige. Your freind and servant John Hylton. Stockton 14th of Feb. 1642(3).

St Olave Marygate York Burial Registers June 1644 Manner. Robert turpin a soldier buried xxviith sergant to Cononell Hiltons Regiment. Manner. William Robinson a soldier of Sedgfield in Bishopprick of Durham buried the ffirst day of July. Cononel Hilto(n).

Sr, in answer to your letter this is all I can wryte, my Commission with some other Officers in the Regiment was dated the last of November 1642, Coll: Hiltons the day or two before, but whether, I am uncertain, this is all for the present soe with my best respect to yourselfe and bedfellow I committ you to God and will rest your loving kinsman Lindley Wren. Binc. Sep. the 20th 1647.

Lindley Wren of Binchester, County Durham.

Mr Martin Foster reply to Mr Shadforth saith That being employed as Captaine in Col: Hiltons Regiment, where amongst diverse warrants which came in his hands there came one warrant amongst the rest signed and sealed, whether it was under Mr George Lilburnes hand or seale he cannot tell and cannot remember the contents of that warrant, but it was for something in relacion for the Kings service, in obedience to some of those Commissions the King had granted.

He saith the Regiment of Coll: Hiltons began to be raised in October but it was in November before they were mustered, and the latter end of November before they were compleated and the Officers Commissions bore date 24. October. He further saith that this Chilton was twelve months in the Regiment and that he was in ye Garrison at Hallifax and at the Battle at Marston Moore but what became of him he cannot tell, he doth not remember that he hath seen any other warrant besides this in the Countrie: only some others that Mr Shadforth showed him.

Only he remembereth the said Chilton was in the Regiment before they marched out of the Bishoprick of Durham and being asked what tyme they marched out of the Bishoprick, saith it was after the business at Yarum against Sir Hugh Cholmley and he take it, it was February 1642(3)

Deposition of Captain Martin Forster that Thomas Chilton served under Col. Hilton.

The 20th September 1647 These are to certifie whome it may concerne that about the 14th of December 1642 Colo. Hilton raised his Regiment of the Trained Band within the County of Durham and that Mr George Lilburne was taken prisoner upon Martainmas day before the tyme aforesaid by the Lord of Newcastles forces and was detayned and carryed away to York where he did remaine a long tyme and that they think there was not a more avarse man in all the County for the service of the Lord of Newcastle than Mr George Lilburn was and can better sertifie the same because they were Officers under Coll: Hilton. Robert Carr Talbott Lisle

Lisle is listed under Colonel William Lambton in I.O. As is Captain John Pemberton.

Deposition of Thomas Shadforth that George Lilburne forced a servant of his to be a souldier in Colonel Hiltons Regiment at Yarum to fight against Sir Hugh Cholmley. His servant being a souldier in Colonel Hiltons Regiment aforesaid at ye Battle of Marston Moor, the Regiment then received a defeat, the servant returning to his said master George Lilburnes House.

An additional charge exhibited against Christopher Hall 3 die Oct. 1649. That the said Christopher Hall did hire one Henry Lawson to carry a pike under Capt. Eden in Col: Hiltons Regiment and promised to pay him twenty shillings. That the said Henry Lawson did thereupon take upp armes and served under the said Capt. for the space of a quarter of a yeare and was in actuall service.

Deposition of witnesses produced against Christopher Hall of Hartburne Gent. Henry Lawson of Longnewton sworne and examined saith that Christopher Hall of Hartburne als Whitehorse did paye this examinant to carry armes under Capt. Robt. Eden in Colonel Hiltons Regiment and was to have given him 20sh and gave him but 17 sh. Mr Hall himselfe made the bargain with him in a barne at Hartburne where this examinant was threshing and Mr Hall helped him to a pike and corslett and he received it at Longnewton Moore and Mr Hall commanded him to go hither for it, and this examinant saith that he kept garrison int Hartlepoole and from there he went to Yarum; and so was drawne out the County being demanded whether it was for the trayned bands he saith it was. Being asked when it was and how long for he saith he cannot tell but that it was for Col. Hilton and that he marched under Col. Hilton and it was about the tyme when the battle of Yarum was, being asked whether Capt. Hotham was ten in armes he saith he cannot tell but saith that Capt. John Clapton and Capt. Harrison were Capts. then in the same Regiment. This examinant being further demanded whether he knew that Mr Hall was forced to hire him, he sith that he thinkes he was forced to give him as all the County was to carry private armes, but he knowes not any words that were spoken to him, or any deeds done to him, by which he was compelled to it.


(3) Burkes Commoners John Pemberton, son of John Pemberton of Aislaby Captain in the Kings service believed to be in Colonel John Hiltons Regiment. However, his elder Brother was Major to Colonel Cuthbert Conyers and I have listed him in both regiments until conclusive evidence for either comes to light.BUT IN I.O. UNDER LAMBTON CHECK

Garrissoned Hartlepool Fought at Hylton Fought at Marston Moor

Yarm fight E.90.11 The Kingdomes weekly intelligencer 14-21st February 1643

It is further certified that Generall King had a design to force the Quarters of Sir Hugh Cholmley and Sir Matthew Boynton at Maulton (who after a long fight with Generall King at Yarum before his coming to Yorke and had received some losse, and Captaine Trotter* a valiant Gentleman,and others taken prisoners) but Captaine Hotham haveing intelligence thereof, marched early in the morning from Howden, and fell upon the rear of the enemy on friday last within a mile of Maulton, and almost routed ten Troops of horse, but what prisoners are taken, or what men slaine or hurt, is not certified, onely one Gentleman of the Popish Army, who came,(as he said) from Generall King to speake with the Governor (as he termed him) discharged a pistoll at Captaine Hotham, but missed him, and hee immediately was apprehended, (but not hanged or killed for it as yet) the letter onely mentions that hee is in custodie.

* To the Officers of the Ordnance in the Tower of London or theyre Deputyes These are to will and require you deliver unto Mr Thomas Trotter for the use of the Regiment and Troope of Sir Hugh Cholmley Knt and Baronett Colonell six small brasse peeces of Ordnance and five hundred shott whereof two hundred bee for demi culvering and for soe doeing this shall be your warrant. Dated 24. January 1642(3). William Waller J.Evelin Wm Say and Seal John Pym Anth: Nicholl


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