Colonel Fitzwilliam Coningsby’s Regiment of Foot

Active1643 to
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelFitzwilliam Coningsby
Area RaisedHerefordshire
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesHerbert 1643

Royalist regiment of foot serving as part of Herbert’s “mushrump army”, then based at Hereford

Service History


  • December: Coningsby commissioned governor of Hereford by the Marquis of Hertford


  • February: Skirmish at Coleford
  • March: Coningsby summons Brampton Bryan
  • March: Battle of Highnam
  • April: Besieged at Hereford
  • June: Siege of Brampton Bryan



  • June: Battle of Winstanstow



Notable Officers

Fitzwilliam Coningsby

Officer List

Colonel Fitzwilliam Conningsbys Regiment of Foot1)

  • Colonel Fitzwilliam Conningsby
  • Lieutenant Colonel Richard Wigmore
  • Sargeant Major James Barroll
  • Captain James Barroll
  • Captain Henry Baskervile
  • Captain Charles Booth
  • Captain Coningsby Booth
  • Captain John Booth
  • Captain Arnold Burghill
  • Captain Thomas Cardiffe (later led Colonel Thomas Cardiffe’s Regiment of Foot until 1644)
  • Captain William Dancy
  • Lieutenant William Baker to Capt. Burghill
  • Lieutenant Joseph Bowkett to Sgnt. Maj. Barrell
  • Lieutenant James Brace to Capt. Ch. Booth
  • Lieutenant Thomas Carthmayde to Capt. Cardiffe
  • Lieutenant Dausy De-Lahere to Cap to Capt. Con. Booth
  • Lieutenant John Rogers to Captain Barroll
  • Ensign John Garland to Capt. Dancy
  • Ensign Thomas Garnons
  • Ensign Humphrey Howorth to Capt. Baskervile
  • Ensign Thomas Osborne to Capt. Barroll
  • Ensign Ralph Stacy to Capt. Barrell

Contemporary References

Coningsby's Commission

Marquess of Hertford Commission to Fitzwilliam Coningsby to be Governor of the Citye and Garrison of Hereford 20.12.1642

Arnold Burghill

Extract. The humble peticion of Arnold Burghill of the County of Hereford Esq. That your peticioner being unhappily engadged in the late warr against the Parliament, continued not longe in the said engadgement but did about seaven yeares since lay downe his armes, and since that time hath not acted anything against the Parliament, but hath ever since the reducinge of the Garrison of Hereford lived peacefully in the Parliament quarters…… April 1649

Also found among some contemporary documents at Hereford Record Office back in 2008.

City of Hereford

XVII Die February 1642(3).

That one Giles Hossey of the said City was my soldier and listed under my command before the arrest made by Mr Maiors Sargient

Arnold Burghill

A very clear large signature Arnold.

Brampton Bryan Summoned

By vertue of the Kings Majesties commands as alsoe by speciall orders from his excellency Edward Lord Herbert, Lord Generall of His Majesties forces in these parts to me directed under his excellencies hand and seale. I summon you Dame Brilliana Harley and all others within or about the Castle of Brompton Brian straightly charging you in his Majesties name to deliver up to his Majesties use the Fort and Castle of Brompton Brian with all armes ammunicion and all other warlike provisions about or in the said Fort and Castle under the paine to be taken and proceeded against both by lawe and martiall force as persons guilty of high treason, requiring you forthwith and without further delay to returne your positive answer to be represented to his Majesty and his Excellency the Lord Generall and to the Judges of Assize, to the which summons I demand of to be delivered to this gentleman Captaine Henry Baskervile and to Thomas Lewis Trumpeter to his Excellency and Phillip Trahearne, gent, appointed to this service as you will every one answer the contrary at your utmost perill. Given under my hand and seale at the City of Hereford this iiii March 1642(3). Fitzwilliam Conningsby

Richard Bonney

Examination of Thomas Madox of the City of Hereford 24.7.1651 This deponent saith that Richard Bonney of Hereford, baker, did beare armes in Hereford under the command of Captaine William Dansey against the Parliament.

Joseph Bowkett

Examination of Jane Alford wife of William Alford This deponent saith that she did know Joseph Bowkett in armes against Parliament under the command of William Dansey and went under the name of Sargeant and that he the said Joseph Bowkett did command a party out of Hereford when it was a garrison for the King to John Rogers his house to Fownhope and plundered the house and brought the said Rogers his wife prisoner to Hereford.

Examination of John Jones of Hereford That Joseph Bowkett was a Lieutenant in commission under Major Barroll and that he did beare armes in the city of Hereford.

John Booth

Delinquency of John Booth of Keynensley, Co. Hereford Information that he was a Captain of Horse or Foot in Hereford.

Richard Rawlinson, The history and antiquities of the City and Cathedral Church of Hereford. 1717. Here lyeth the body of John Booth, late of Letton in this County, Esquire, an old Royalist and a zealous lover of the Church of England. He deceased March 1 anno dom. 1704 aged …

Cicilia Coningsby to William Scudamore

To my worthy friend Mr William Scudamore present theis,

Worthy Sir, I have sent you by your servant 15 pounds in part of your years rent, being very sorry I have not more to send, for a very small summ I have left my selfe, if Mr. Conningsby were returned I hope for more but I know not whether he be gon with the King, or not. God send me good newes of him; I heare that Wallers forces somm of them came to bewdley last night, as have forced the townsmen to make up the bridge. I have sent you you desired againe and if pleas God I receave money you shall hear further from your trulie loving friend,

Cicilia Coningsby * 13th June 1644.

* Wife of Colonel Fitzwilliam Conningsby


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1) Original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user '1642'