Colonel Edward Chisenall’s Regiment of Foot

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelEdward Chisenall
Area RaisedLancashire
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesRupert 1644

Royalist regiment of foot based on a company in garrison at Lathom House in Lancashire then drawn out for York March

Service History


  • The Regiment was formed after the Capture of Liverpool 11th June,1644 when Prince Rupert returned to Lathom House and promoted Captain Edward Chisenall to Colonel of a new Regiment.
  • 2nd July: Battle of Marston Moor
  • August to November: Besieged at Liverpool


Coats and Flags

Notable Officers

Col Edward Chisenall

Of Chisenall, Lancashire

Officer Lists

Original research from Victor Judge aka '1642'

  • Colonel Edward Chisenall
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Sargeant Major William Farmer ((1) + ment. I.O.)
  • Captain Henry Ashton* (I.O. Lancs.)
  • Captain Robert Heskith (Ment. I.O.)
  • Captain Thomas Rigby (Ment. I.O.)
  • Lieutenant John Ashton (I.O. Lancs. to Capt. Ashton)
  • Lieutenant Thomas Goodwin (I.O. Lancs. to Capt. Rigby)
  • Lieutenant John Mawdesley ((1) + I.O. Lancs. to Sgnt. Maj. Farmer)
  • Ensign Thomas Holme ((2) + I.O. Lancs. to Capt. Ashton)
  • Ensign Thomas Hunter (I.O. Lancs. to Capt. Heskith)
  • Ensign Hugh Warring ((1) to Sgnt. Maj. Farmer)
  • Quartermaster Laurence Twisse (I.O. Lancs.)

Horse Officers

  • Captain Dixon (Ment. I.O.)
  • Captain George Mort (I.O. L + W.)
  • Lieutenant John Banister (I.O. Herefords. to Capt. Dixon)

Contemporary References

Henry Maine's Petition

(1) Lancashire Record Office QSB/363/4 Wigan Epiphany 1670/1 To the Right Worshipfull the Justice of Peace Quoram for the County Pallatyne of Lancs. The Humble petition of Henry Maine of Hutton Sheweth that your petitioner was a souldier in Connonal Chisnals Regiment under the command of Mager Farmer Lieutenant John Mawdsley and Insyne Hughe Warring. It doeth apeare unto us that your poore peticioner was a very honest and good friend to his Majesties late subjects and friends and especully to John Flitwood of Penwortham Esq. and Edward Rawsthorne Governour of the house of Lathom and other his Majesties loyall subjects in moving their goods and cattell for the safetie of them. Thinceford wee his officers to the best of our knowledg doe hereby certify that he never deserted his Majestie or his blessed Fathers service during the laite tyme of rebellion and of suppretion and hath receeved noe pay as yet, but now want and nesesetie inforced him to move for it. Therefore we doe hereby recomend him as a person fit to receave a porson of pay as your good worthies thinketh fitting for such a loyal subject to receave. Given under our hands at Hutton 10.1.1670 Syned Jo. Mawdesley Lt. Hugh Warring Insynge I doe believe yr Pet. hath been very loyal and is nowe very poore. Edward Fleetwood. We humbly desire this poore subject may have sum money in hand because hee needith it very much.

Thomas Berry

(2) Lancashire Record Office QSP.472.5 Wigan Michaelmas 1677 Relief for Thomas Berry of Westhaughton, souldier Was a souldier in Col. Edw. Chisenalls own Foot Company in his Majesties service for many years together. Signed Thomas Holme Ensigne Raph Barton Sergt. to the said foot company. In 472.6 his name is spelt Bury.

* This implies that Henry Ashton was probably Captain Lieutenant.

Henry Pope

(3) Lancashire Record Office QSP.472.7 Wigan Michaelmas 1677 Relief for Henry Pope souldier of Heaton Charnock in the Parish of Standish This petitioner served under ye command of Col. Chisnell as wee doe hereby certify. Ste. Radley John Walker Richard Crofton George Bibie George Shawe

Chisenall's Delinquency

SP23.206.869 Extract. Edward Chisenhall of Chisenhall in the County of Lancaster Esq. His delinquency that he being newly called to the Barr at Grays Inn adhered to and assisted the forces raised against the Parliament

SP23.206.874 Theses are to certify all whom it may concerne that Mr Edward Chisenhall of Grays Inne was called to the Barre at a Pension held in Easter-terme anno 1642. And that the sd Mr Chisenhalle never since that time came to the House to take the Oath of a Barrister, nor ever was in comons since September 1641.

W. Geetinge Steward


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