Colonel Cuthbert Clifton’s Regiment of Foot

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelCuthbert Clifton
Area RaisedLancashire?
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesRupert 1644?

Royalist regiment of foot in garrison at Liverpool

Service History


  • May: Storm of Stockport?
  • May: Storm of Bolton?
  • June: Siege of Liverpool?
  • August to November: Besieged at Liverpool


Although Clifton was present with Prince Rupert's army at the storm of Bolton, its not clear if his regiment had yet been raised.

Coats and Flags

Notable Officers

Cuthbert Clifton

Clifton was captured at the surrender of Liverpool and died a prisoner in Manchester, see note 41

Officer Lists

Original research by Victor Judge aka '1642'

  • Colonel Cuthbert Clifton
  • Lieutenant Colonel Unknown at present
  • Sargeant Major William Westby
  • Captain Robert Calcot
  • Captain Robert King
  • Captain Griffith Spicer
  • Captain Lieutenant Thomas Robinson
  • Lieutenant William Browne
  • Lieutenant Robert Elsinge
  • Lieutenant Richard Leicester
  • Lieutenant William Leigh
  • Lieutenant Roger Spencer
  • Ensign John Boardman
  • Ensign John Browne
  • Ensign Robert Crosby
  • Ensign James Dumvils
  • Ensign Peirce Dutton
  • Ensign Livesey
  • Ensign Richard Nevitt
  • Ensign Matthew Pattison
  • Ensign Richard Price
  • Ensign John Redding
  • Ensign Henry Stonnenought
  • Ensign Rowland Thomas
  • Quartermaster of horse William Coohan

Contemporary References

The Tryall and plea of James Earl of Derby

  • Peter Cropper of Bickerstaffe, in the County of Lancaster Gentleman, maketh oath, that about the latter end of the month of May, in the year 1644, in the time when Prince Rupert took the Town of Bolton in Lancashire, by assault, he, this deponent, being there present, saw the now Earl of Derby neer unto the cross in Bolton, and it being rumoured then, that the said Earl had slaine one Bootle, that had bin once his Porter, he looked and saw the said Bootle wounded, but not dead: and soon after, one Colonel Clifton, since deceased, standing by, with his sword ran the said Bootle through once or twice, saying ‘if thou have not enough, thou shalt have more’, or words to that effect ; upon which the said Bootle fell down dead ; and he further saith, that this killing of the said Bootle, was above an hour before the said Town was taken, or any generall Quarter given ; for that the Princes souldiers did pursue those in the Town above an hour after the said Bootles death, before they ceased, and gave Quarter.

Peter Cropper jurat 12 die Maii 1647 in the presence of Edward Stockley Gentleman.

  • Besides this, a Gentleman of Honour and Repute, Colonell Russell, attested voluntarily before his Excellency the Lord Generall, that the Earl of Derby, at the taking of Bolton, charged with Prince Ruperts Lifeguard, who entred the Town next to the Forlorn hope, and that Quarter was not given of an hour and a half after; so that if the Earl of Derby killed Bootle, it must needs be in the height of the storm, Bootle being killed at the first entrance.

Lancashire Warr Regarding Bolton

  • There was also taken Captaine Georg Sharples of Lythom and was carried through the streets almost naked and bare footed in the mire and dirt to Mr Cuthbert Clifton, eldest Son to Mr. Thomas Clifton of Lythom, Landlord to the said Captain, who when he came before him and other like himself, they caused him to stand in the dirt to his knees Jearing upon him and put a Psalter into his hands that he might sing them a Psalme to make them sporte. And when their humour was satisfied that way sent him by a Souldier to the Church where the prisoners were. The Souldier brought him into an house where an Irishman, a Souldier and his wife quartered that night,and on the morrow there being a Randevous of the Army upon the More without the towne, they put a paire of clogs upon his feet and a musket upon his shoulders and so, like a pore souldier, he going to the More, when he saw his best opportunity escaped their cruell hands.’


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