Earl of Strafford's Troop of Horse

ConflictsIrish Confederate War
CaptainEarl of Strafford
Area Raised
Flag ColourRed?
Flag Design
Field ArmiesStrafford 1640
Ormonde 1642

Troop of horse serving in Leinster under Ormonde

Service History


  • August: Garrisoned at Kilshalghan


Presumably the regiment was that raised by Strafford for his army of 1640, this seems to have consisted of multiple troops, possibly as many as eight. In 1642 Strafford's troop of carbines was still in existence and referred to as the Earl of Strafford's troop, despite his execution the previous year. Described as 'old horse'. Based at Dunsaghlin in 1642.

Flags and Equipment

All troops of the 1640 regiment carried red cornets. Described as carbines in 1642.

Notable Officers

Earl of Strafford

Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford was lord Lieutenant of Ireland but was impeached and executed April 1641.


  • 1642: 60 horse

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