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Colonel Arthur Hill’s Regiment of Horse

Active1642 to
ConflictsIrish Confederate War
Colonel Arthur Hill
Area RaisedUlster
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesUlster 1642

Regiment of horse raised and serving in Ulster during the Irish Confederate Wars

Service History


  • Raised in Ulster at Hill's expense and armed with weapons bought from Scotland
  • September: Assigned to support the New Scots army in Ulster




  • Quartered at Lecale (1 troop), frontiers of Down and Atrim (4 troops)


  • June: Battle of Benburb (det)?
  • June: Parliament approves the purchase of 175 horses for Hill's regiment


Unusually for Ireland this unit was a full regiment of horse and were newly raised in Ulster in 1642. Noted in the Ulster forces in 1642 1), Hill's troop at least was intended to support the Scots Covenanters in Ulster.

Although no clear citation of the unit's involvement at Benburb survives it seems likely that at least part of the regiment was present 2).

Flags & Equipment

Notable Officers

Lists of the unit's officers are shown in Army List of the Ulster British Forces, 1642-1646. by Kevin Forkan. Archivium Hibernicum, Vol. 59 (2005), pp. 51-65 available via JSTOR, An English Army for Ireland by Ian Ryder, Partizan Press and in The Battle of Benburb 1646. Clive Hollick, Mercier Press, 2011.

Arthur Hill


  • 1642: 300 horse in 5 troops3)
  • 1646: 5 troops

See Also

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