Colonel Algernon Sydney’s Regiment of Horse

ConflictsIrish Confederate War
ColonelAlgernon Sydney
Area RaisedEngland
Flag ColourBlue?
Flag Design
Field ArmiesInchiquin 1647

Regiment of English horse serving in Ireland under Inchiquin

Service History


  • June: Regiment commissioned
  • July: Two further troops added to regiment


  • August: Serving under Inchiquin in Munster


Sidney was commissioned in June 1646 to raise a regiment. It was intended to be based on five troops from the Eastern Association under Major Le Hunt, Major Gibbs (as a capt), and Capts Holcroft, Pell and Chopham (Choppine or Chopping) which had already agreed to serve in Ireland. In the event the men proved mutinous and only Chopham appears to have served in the unit, and he apparently did so with a newly raised troop rather than his old Eastern Association one.1)

Flags and Equipment

Colonel Algernon Sidney's cornet in the Eastern Association was blue with a yellow motto SANCTVS AMOR PATRIAE DAT ANIMUS2)3). It is unknown whether he used the same design in Ireland.

Notable Officers

Algernon Sidney

Algernon Sidney, son of the 2nd Earl of Leicester and brother of Lord Lisle, served initially in Ireland in Lord Lisle’s Regiment of Horse, later joined the Parliamentarians serving as Colonel of the Earl of Manchester’s Regiment of Horse. He was offered command of a regiment in the New Model Army but preferred to return to Ireland.

Officer Lists

Raising Troops in England

  • Colonel Algernon Sydney (Reported to have been 100 strong on landing in Ireland)4)
  • Captain John Choppine
  • Captain Edward Doyley (Reported to have been 64 strong on landing. Doyley left to become Major to Lord Inchiquin’s Regiment of Horse)5)
  • Captain Sir John Bridges (Reported to have been 74 strong on landing)6)

Muster 18/08/47 (No regiment given)7)

  • Major Chopping (52 men. Chopping was aparently already dead by this date having been reported as dead of a fever by the 13th)8)
  • Sir John Bridges (53 men)
  • Captain Clayton (61 men. Clayton may have gone on to be Lt Col of Lord Inchiquin’s Regiment of Horse in 1649)9)
  • Captain Martin (33 men)
  • Captain Bromly (51 men)

Muster 28/08/47 (Col. Sidney's Regmt)10)

  • Sir John Bridges (53 men)
  • Captain Clayton (61 men)
  • Captain Martyn (33 men)
  • Captain Brumby (51 men)
  • Captain Norwood (52 men, taking over Chopping's troop)


  • August 1647: 250 troopers

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