Colonel William Brockett’s Regiment of Foot

Active1646 to 1649
ConflictsIrish Confederate War
ColonelWilliam Brockett
George Monck
Area RaisedEngland?
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesInchiquin 1646

Munster regiment of foot of Inchiquin’s forces. Briefly (and nominally) under the command of George Monck

Service History


  • January: Serving in Munster


  • April: Brockett removed from command by the Council of War. Replaced by George Monck.1)
  • May: Monck returns to England with Lord Lisle.
  • July: Inchiquin warned against giving regiment back to Brockett “until he is cleared”.2)
  • August: Regiment still refered to as Monck's in pay document.
  • November: Battle of Knocknanuss?


  • October: Brockett governor of Kinsale


  • February: Prince Rupert's fleet arrives at Kinsale
  • Serving with Inchiquin for Royalists


The regiment may have been based on the remainder of Paulet's regiment that had been garrison of Kinsale. In 1645 Brockett was appointed to command Kinsale fort by Parliament, taking over from Capt Kittleby, a Royalist. It would appear that Brockett fell victim to the infighting between Inchiquin and Lord Lisle.

Coats, Flags and Equipment

Notable Officers

William Brockett

b 1588-98—probably before 1595; d 1655. He was probably born at Luton where his father was vicar. He arrived in Ireland as Lieutenant Colonel to Sir John Paulet’s Regiment of Foot and with half the regiment garrisoned Kinsale. In July 1644 he joined Inchiquin in coming out against the Cessation and for Parliament. By January 1646 he is listed as a Colonel. His will of 1655 describes him as of Castle Parke in the County of Corke. Also see Brokets in Ireland

George Monck

Officer List

18th August 1647.3)

  • Colonel's Company
  • Lieutenant Colonel's Company
  • Major Anthony Woodley
  • Captain Harlow
  • Captain Bennett
  • Captain Sallmon
  • QM John Smith


  • Colonel William Brockett
  • Lieutenant Colonel [Thomas] Dowridge (Dowridge was already a Lt Col in July 1647 and possibly as early as August 1646)
  • Major [Anthony] Woodley
  • Captain Farloe [Harlow?]


  • August 1647:346 men plus officers (of which 135 were in the colonel's company)5)

See Also

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