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Colonel Dummy Template's Regiment of Foot

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Active1642 to 1645
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelsDummy Template
Sir Edward Hoppington-Floppington
Lord Pumpworthy
Area RaisedDevon
Coat ColourRed1)
Flag ColourBlack and white2)
Flag DesignGyronny
Field ArmiesGarrison 1642-3
Pumpworthy 1644
Garrison 1644-5

Later Sir Edward Hoppington-Foppinton's, then Lord Pumpworthy's Regiment of Foot

Regiment that was completely made up as an example

Service History


  • Raised in Ambrosia-Custard, Devon


  • Garrison of Nether-Piddle
  • December: Dummy Template sacked due to agrophobia and replaced by Colonel Hoppington-Foppington


  • January to February: Siege of Puddleton
  • February: Hoppington-Foppington falls into a puddle right up to his middle and the regiment is given to Lord Pumpworthy
  • March: Battle of Wyre Piddle
  • May: Storm of Piddlehinton
  • Garrison of Piddletrenthide


  • January to March: Besieged at Piddletrenthide
  • March: Surrender at Piddletrenthide
  • March: Disbanded


Raised in 1642 by Colonel Dummy Template, the regiment remained in garrison at Nether-Piddle until their Colonel was diagnosed with agrophobia by a wandering Italian vacuum cleaner salesman and summarily sacked. Hoppington-Poppington led the regiment to the siege of Puddleton in 1644, but was so discommoded by the Puddletonians' defence that he fled the country. Lord Pumpworthy claimed the regiment for his own, leading them on the notorious River Piddle campaign of 1644. After over-wintering at Piddletrenthide the Pumpworthy's regiment were completely washed out and surrendered in March 1645.

Coats, Flags and Equipment

Template's regiment wore scruffy old coats and carried a transparent flag, illustrated above 3).

Notable Officers

Dummy Template

Notorious agrophobic.

Sir Hoppington-Foppington

Soggy trousers.

Lord Pumpworthy

Major Disaster

Later transferred into Plant's horse.


  • September 1642: 2 men and 1 dog
  • March 1644: Captain R. Biggs claimed pay for 12,564 men of his company.

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