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-====== ​Test Regiment ​Page ======+====== ​Colonel Dummy Template'​s ​Regiment ​of Foot ======
 <WRAP right> <WRAP right>
-|IMAGE HERE |+|**Illustration**|IMAGE HERE | 
-|**Active**|1643 to 1646|+|**Active**|1642 to 1645|
 |**Country**|England| |**Country**|England|
 |**Allegiance**|Royalist| |**Allegiance**|Royalist|
 |**Conflicts**|First Civil War| |**Conflicts**|First Civil War|
 |**Type**|Foot|  |**Type**|Foot|
-|**Colonels**|Sir Allen Apsley|  +|**Colonels**|Dummy Template
-|  |Sir Edward Hoppington-Floppington-\\ Chumpington-Pumpworthy|+|  |Sir Edward Hoppington-Floppington
 +| |Lord Pumpworthy|
 |**Area Raised**|Devon| |**Area Raised**|Devon|
-|**Coat Colour**|Red((Officers and Regiments ​of the Royalist ArmyStuart Reid1988 (2nd Impression). ​Partizan ​Press.  ​ISBN 0 946525 12 9))|  +|**Coat Colour**|Red((Officers and Latrine Orderlies ​of the Great UnpleasantnessEustace Beauregard1865 (3rd Impression). ​Tompion ​Press ISBN 0 12121 1 2))|  
-|**Flag Colour**|Black and white((Officers ​and Regiments of the Royalist ArmyStuart Reid1988 (2nd Impression)Partizan ​Press. ​ ISBN 0 946525 12 9))|  +|**Flag Colour**|Transparent((Flags, Rags and Nags: Touching Cloth in the 17th CenturyBurton & Taylor2001Poleaxe ​Press. ​ ISBN 9 99999 99 9))|  
-|**Flag Design**|Gyronny|  +|**Flag Design**|Rude|  
-|**Field Armies**|Hopton 1643-4+|**Field Armies**|Garrison 1642-3
-| |Oxford ​1644-5+| |Pumpworthy ​1644| 
-| |Goring 1645-6|+| |Garrison 1644-5|
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-Morbi vitae magna feugiat mauris fermentum mollis. Fusce ultrices aliquam tempor. Phasellus at sem euismod justo faucibus feugiat sit amet vitae nulla. Nam vel lobortis velit. Aliquam sit amet molestie urna. Nunc elementum ornare nunc ac mollis. Sed faucibus ligula porttitor nisl adipiscing sit amet vestibulum enim adipiscing.+**Later Sir Edward Hoppington-Foppinton'​s,​ then Lord Pumpworthy'​s Regiment of Foot**
-=====Notable Officers=====+//Regiment that was completely made up as an example//
-====Colonel Blimp==== 
-Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nunc tristique enim a turpis eleifend sed dictum nulla malesuada. Integer sit amet tellus nec leo porttitor imperdiet auctor eu est. Phasellus fermentum orci nec magna pretium eget volutpat lacus molestie. Nam pretium neque eget enim aliquam vitae iaculis magna laoreet. Mauris sed fermentum nibh. Nulla elementum augue ac odio condimentum bibendum. Morbi diam nisi, interdum nec rutrum a, ornare et nisl. Vivamus adipiscing nulla in turpis rutrum vestibulum. Quisque g 
-====Colonel Bogey==== 
-Donec erat quam, pharetra facilisis facilisis at, pulvinar id turpis. Cras id accumsan eros. Etiam consequat mauris quis libero porta id pellentesque turpis sodales. In sed felis nisl, vel bibendum nisl. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames  
-====Major Disaster==== 
-Quisque tempus placerat urna vel lacinia. Donec sodales mauris tincidunt mauris placerat vel eleifend diam facilisis. Sed congue, turpis nec malesuada cursus, 
 ===== Service History ===== ===== Service History =====
 +  *Raised in Ambrosia-Custard,​ Devon
 ====1643==== ====1643====
-  *Raised in Devon +  *Garrison ​of Nether-Piddle 
-  *Siege ​of Wardour Castle +  *December: Dummy Template sacked due to agrophobia and replaced by Colonel Hoppington-Foppington
-  *Garrison of Winchester+
 ====1644==== ====1644====
-  *Taking ​of Axminster +  *January to February: Siege of Puddleton 
-  *[[http://​www.british-civil-wars.co.uk/​military/​1644-cheriton.htm|Battle of Cheriton]]  +  *FebruaryHoppington-Foppington falls into puddle right up to his middle and the regiment is given to Lord Pumpworthy 
-  *Siege of Lyme? (possibly ​detachment?​) +  *March: Battle of Wyre Piddle 
-  *[[http://​www.british-civil-wars.co.uk/​military/​1644-cropredy.htm|Battle of Cropredy Bridge]] +  *May: Storm of Piddlehinton 
-  *Battle ​of Lostwithiel +  *Garrison ​of Piddletrenthide
-  *Relief of Appledore? (detachment under Apsley?) +
-  *Second Battle ​of Newbury+
 ====1645==== ====1645====
-  *Storm of Leicester (Hopton) +  *January to March: Besieged at Piddletrenthide 
-  *Battle of Naseby (Hopton) - Hopton'​s part of the regiment destroyed +  *March: Surrender at Piddletrenthide 
-  *Battle of Langport +  *March: ​Disbanded
-  *Garrison of Barnstaple +
- +
-====1646==== +
-  *Relief of Dunster Castle? +
-  *Disbanded ​at surrender of Barnstaple+
 =====Notes===== =====Notes=====
 +Raised in 1642 by Colonel Dummy Template, the regiment remained in garrison at Nether-Piddle until their Colonel was diagnosed with agrophobia by a wandering Italian vacuum cleaner salesman and summarily sacked. Hoppington-Poppington led the regiment to the siege of Puddleton in 1644, but was so discommoded by the Puddletonians'​ defence that he fled the country. Lord Pumpworthy claimed the regiment for his own, leading them on the notorious River Piddle campaign of 1644. After over-wintering at Piddletrenthide,​ Pumpworthy'​s regiment were completely washed out and surrendered in March 1645. 
 +=====Coats, Flags and Equipment=====
 +Template'​s regiment wore scruffy old coats and carried a transparent flag with a rude design, illustrated above ((Stew Appley-Summer. Flags and uniforms of the Silly Civil War; Spitoon Press 1832)).
 +=====Notable Officers=====
 +====Dummy Template====
 +Notorious agrophobic.
 +====Sir Hoppington-Foppington====
 +Soggy trousers.
 +====Lord Pumpworthy====
 +====Major Disaster====
 +Later transferred into Plant'​s horse. ​
 +====Officer List====
 +A list of the officers in 1642 is shown in //Sharks of Ambrosia-Custard - Devon Knows// by Idris Lorry. Stewpot Press, 1862. 
 +Mustered in March 1644 ((//Lord Pumpworthy'​s mighty army// by Idris Lorry. Stewpot Press, 1862.))
-The regiment served with Lord Hopton'​s army in the Cheriton campaign, likely commanded by Lt Col Edward Hopton when Apsley was absent in ExeterSubsequently they were members of Astley's brigade of the Oxford Army during the campaign of 1644. Meanwhile it appears that some of the regiment remained with Apsley in the West Country. In 1645 Sir Edward Hopton was promoted to colonel of the Oxford Army unit, leding them at Leicester and Naseby, where the regiment was captured and disbanded, along with the majority of the Oxford Army foot.  +=====Contemporary References===== 
- +==CaptBiggs' ​Petition== 
-The West Country detachment were part of Lord Goring'​s forces in 1645, with an ensign Morley being captured at Langport. They then served in the garrison of Barnstaple, that surrendered to Sir Thomas Fairfax and the New Model Army on 19th April 1646. +The humble petition ​of Ronalde Biggs
- +
-Apsley'​s had 6 colours noted by Symonds at Aldbourne Chase on 10th April 1644+
- +Sheweth that your petitioner having byn a Captayne to the Lord Pumpworthy at Wyre Piddle, he passed with him into Piddletrenthide where he lost five hundred and twenty two pounds, six shillings and thruppence ​ in the service of King Charles of blessed memory and in which service he continued throught the warrs there.
 =====Strength===== =====Strength=====
-  *300 in September ​1643((Cheriton 1644 The Campaign & the Battle. John Adair. 1973. The Roundway Press, Kineton.)) +  *September ​1642: 2 men and 1 dog 
-  *300 sent to Winchester (as well as 300 new recruits) ((Cheriton ​1644 The Campaign & the BattleJohn Adair. 1973. The Roundway PressKineton.)) +  *March 1644: Captain RBiggs claimed pay for 12,564 men of his company
-  ​*Estimated 500 at Naseby+=====See Also======
-===== Re-enactment ​===== +===== Links =====
-=====See Also====== 
-[[Sir Allen Apsley'​s Regiment of Horse]]