Eastern Association Army at Marston Moor

The following is from a list of troops and companies drawn up in order to pay a gratuity of a weeks pay for service at Marston Moor.1) Although it differs little from lists compiled by historians from various sources, this would appear to be the only contemporary list of the Eastern Association Army at Marston Moor. To my knowledge it has not been previously noted or published, possibly because it is wrongly filed in the Commonwealth Exchequer papers amongst material from the 1650's.

The payment was made by the end of July. See for example the following entry from the accounts of Major John Alford of Manchester's Horse.

July 16442) Alsoe att Doncaster there was a weeks pay given to all the troope excepting to the officers in Commission by my Lord of Manchester as gratuity for theire extraordinary good service att Yorke fight, but what the sume was I cannot directly tell but it was immediately paide out to the souldyers according to my Lord of Manchester's order.3)

The list of troops is written in two columns without regimental breaks which are added here in square brackets. The name John Ashwell is written between Capt Hammond and Capt Mercer He is not a known officer but from the context could be Capt Hammond's Lieutenant. Companies are listed by Regiment.

Note that Capt Henry Ireton's troop of horse is missing from Lt Gen Cromwell's regiment. Perhaps this could be explained if Ireton's troop was escorting the York garrison that, according to the articles of surrender, should have been accompanied by one troop from each of the three allied armies.

A note of the Troopes & Companyes paid a weekes pay by the Generall's warrant. Att Marston Moor

note: The phrase “Att Marston Moor” has been added in a different hand

[Earl of Manchester’s Regiment of Horse]

  • Lt Collonell Rich his Troope
  • Major Alford his Troope
  • Capt Dinglyes Troop
  • Capt Thomlinsons Troop
  • Capt Griffyns troope
  • Capt Nevills troope
  • Capt Hamonds troope
  • Capt Iretons troope4)
  • Capt Knights troope
  • Capt Dendys troope5)

[Colonel Oliver Cromwell’s Regiment of Horse]

  • The Generalls troope
  • Lt Collo Whaleys troope
  • Maior Disboroughs troope
  • Capt Brownes troope
  • Capt Waltons troope
  • Capt Berryes troope
  • Capt Horsemans troope
  • Capt Groves troope
  • Capt Porters troope
  • Capt Lawrences troope
  • Capt Swallowes troope
  • Capt Bethells troope
  • Capt Margerys troope

[Colonel Bartholomew Vermuyden’s Regiment of Horse]

  • Collo Vermuydens troope
  • Maior Wildes troope
  • Capt Huntington
  • Capt Jenkins
  • Capt Sam Moody

[Colonel Charles Fleetwood’s Regiment of Horse]

  • Capt Armigers
  • Maior Harrison
  • Capt Le Hunt
  • Capt Selby
  • Capt John Moody
  • Maior Generall Craford

[Earl of Manchester’s Regiment of Dragoons]

  • Maior Evers
  • Lt Collo Lilburne
  • Maior Evers
  • Capt Mercer
  • Capt Abbott
  • Capt Beamont

The Foot

Earl of Manchester’s Regiment

  • Capt Mattersey6)
  • Lt Collo Clifton
  • Maior Holmes
  • Maior Montgomeryes
  • Capt Waylett
  • Capt Oneales Company
  • Capt Waldens Company
  • Capt Paris Company
  • Capt Gowers Company
  • Capt Manestyes Company
  • Capt Johnstons Company
  • Capt E Merediths Company
  • Capt Halls Company
  • Capt Southcotes Company
  • Capt Saunders Company
  • Capt Boys Company
  • Capt Straghens Company
  • Capt Batchelors Company
  • Capt Goodays Company

Collonell Hobart’s Regiment

  • Collonell Hobarts
  • Lt Collonell Brewster
  • Capt Hoogan
  • Capt Denny per Lt Collman
  • Capt W Puckles
  • Capt Harvie
  • Capt Sheppard
  • Capt J Puckle
  • Capt Disney

Collo Russell’s Regiment

  • Collo Company
  • Lt Collo Davies
  • Maior Gattaway
  • Capt Awder
  • Capt Snelling
  • Capt Smyth
  • Capt Lingwood
  • Capt ffothergills

Collo Montague’s Regiment

  • Collonells Company
  • Lt Collonell Grymes
  • Maior Poplay
  • Capt Dennis Taylor
  • Capt Pritchard
  • Capt Rogers
  • Capt Weeden
  • Capt Freeman
  • Capt Nanney
  • Capt Blethyn

Maior Generall Craford’s Regiment

  • Maior Generalls Company
  • Lt Collo Warner
  • Maior Hamilton
  • Capt Taylor
  • Capt Craford
  • Capt Smyth
  • Capt Eaton
  • Capt W Meredith

Collonell Pickering’s Regiment

  • Collonells Company
  • Lt Collonell Hewson
  • Maior Jubbs
  • Capt Axtell
  • Capt Husbande
  • Capt Jenkins
  • Capt Cromwell
  • Capt Karver
  • Capt Wase
  • Capt Done7)
  • Capt O'Hara8)
  • Capt Silverwood
1) N.A. SP28/125/Part3/419-420
2) The Army arrived at Doncaster on the 23rd of July
3) N.A. SP28/267/Part1/58v
4) This is Thomas Ireton Capt-Lt to the troop of Col. Valentine Walton
5) Capt-Lt of Col. Algernon Sidney's troop
6) Capt-Lt of Manchester's own company
7) , 8) Should be Major General Crawford's regt?