Sir John Gell’s Regiment of Horse

Flag Illustration1)
Active 1643
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir John Gell
Area Raised
Flag ColourBlack & white
Flag DesignSee below
Field Armies

Parliamentarian regiment of the First Civil War based in Derbyshire

Service History


  • March: Battle of Hopton Heath


  • June: Storm of Oswestry (Barton's troop)
  • July: Skirmish at Oswestry (Barton's troop)


  • July: Skirmish at Burton (Barton's troop)
  • September: Battle of Rowton Heath (detachment of 300 under Major Saunders)
  • November: Battle of Denbigh Green (detachment of 300 under Major Saunders)


Appears to have been a composite unit made up of independent troops at Hopton Heath

A considerable correspondence regarding the regiment survives and is available online at the National Archives

Flags and Equipment

Captain Nathaniel Barton's troop carried a black and white cornet with a motto on a scroll (Illustration 1).

Notable Officers

Sir John Gell

Major Thomas Saunders

Capt Nathaniel Barton

Of Derbyshire. Starting off as a chaplain, he was made Captain and won a skirmish between his troop and a Royalist troop of Captain Brooke near Burton on 2nd July 1645 Captain Barton's Victory. He later served as Major of Colonel Adrian Scroope's Regiment of Horse of the New Model Army.

  • Capt-Lieut Robert Cotchett2)


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1) Original artwork by Tony Barton, shown by kind permission of Tony Barton and Charles Kightly. Previously published in Military Modelling magazine
2) N.A. E121/4/6