Colonel John Fiennes’ Regiment of Horse

Active 1644 to 1645
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelJohn Fiennes
Area Raised
Flag ColourBlue
Flag DesignSee below
Field Armies

Parliamentarian regiment serving in Oxfordshire and the West during the First Civil War

Service History


  • August to October: Siege of Banbury
  • October: Fail to prevent relief of Banbury


  • January: Defence of Abingdon
  • March: Skirmish at Trowbridge
  • March: Skirmish at Dorchester
  • April: Skirmish at Islip
  • April: Siege of Bletchington House
  • April: Storm of Bampton in the Bush
  • April: Repulse from Faringdon House
  • May: Skirmish at Radcot Bridge
  • 14th June: Battle of Naseby
  • September: Battle of Rowton Heath??


In September 1645 500 horse from Abingdon were attached to Colonel Graves command and set out to reinforce the siege of Chester, where Graves was involved in the Battle of Rowton Heath. It's uncertain whether the 500 Abingdon horse turned back before reaching Cheshire, and whether this was indeed Fiennes' regiment, but appears possible.


According to Prestwich; Captaine Fines, third fonne to the Lord Vifcount Say and Seale, Azure ; a chief reprefenting the sky, shaded with crimfon; out of the dexter corner the sun, as if breaking from beneath a heavy dark blue cloud, all proper ; on the ground first mentioned, a label of three folds, on which, in Roman letters, in Sable, EXVRGAT—ET DISSIPA—BVNTVR fringed Argent and Azure1).

Notable Officers

A list of officers is shown in Laurence Spring's Waller's Army, The Regiments of Sir William Waller's Southern Association The Pike and Shot Association 2007 ISBN 978-1-902768-34-2

Colonel John Fiennes

John Fiennes, third son of Lord Saye and Sele led a troop at Powick Bridge and Edgehill, joining Balfour’s Regiment until February 1643 when he transferred to his brother’s regiment, Nathaniel Fiennes’ Regiment of Horse. His troop was assigned to Massey’s command briefly in Spring 1643 before returning. He appears to have raised his own regiment in 1644, after his brother’s disgrace for surrendering Bristol.

Officer List

  • Major Purbeck Temple
  • Captain Thomas Brocas (03/10/44 - 05/04/45)
  • Captain John Unite (05/07/44 - 20/08/45)2)
  • Captain John White (same man as Unite above?)
  • Captain John Hunt
  • Captain Thomas Brews (same man as Brocas above?)


See Also

1) Prestwich's Respublica, London, 1787
2) N.A. SP28/257/uf