Colonel William Bamfield’s Regiment of Foot

Active1642 to 1643
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelWilliam Bamfield
Area Raised
Coat ColourUnknown
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesRuthen 1643?

Regiment of foot originally raised for service in Ireland, but diverted to Parliament's army and serving in the West Country

Service History


  • October: Quartered at Bristol
  • December: Quartered at Plymouth


  • January: Battle of Braddock Down?
  • May 16th: Battle of Stratton
  • May: Likely disbanded


Originally raised for service in Ireland, but didn't serve in Essex's army instead serving Parliament in the West Country. It isn't clear that this regiment actually participated in the poorly-documented Braddock Down campaign, but it does appear likely as pay claims by their officers decreased sharply after Braddock Down. Likely subsequently disbanded and absorbed into the Plymouth garrison. Bamfield later changed sides.


Notable Officers

William Bamfield

Also spelt Bampfield. Not to be confused with Sir John Bampfield Colonel of a Devon Trained Band, or Colonel Joseph Bampfield, a Royalist besieged at Arundel in late 1643.

Officer Lists

June 1642, for service in Ireland

  • Colonel William Bamfield1)
  • Lt-Col Joseph Wagstaffe
  • Major George Hutchinson
  • 1st Captain John Bainsfield (from his signature on a pay warrant actually Bampfield)
  • 2nd Captain Horatio Carey
  • 3rd Captain Robert Baker
  • 4th Captain Christopher Burgh
  • 5th Captain Richard Benson “for Firelocks”
  • Captain-Lt Samuel Price
  • Lieutenant Thomas Coleby
  • Lieutenant John Minshaw
  • Lieutenant Richard Bingley
  • Lieutenant Allen Povey
  • Lieutenant Michael Bland
  • Lieutenant Thomas Hoare
  • Lieutenant Thomas Latimer
  • Ensign Casworth
  • Ensign Robert Nelson
  • Ensign William Bourcher
  • Ensign Ralph Garts
  • Ensign Humphrey Burton
  • Ensign John Rose
  • Ensign Samuel Manaton
  • Ensign John Browne

September 1642

  • Colonel William Bamfield2)
    • Capt Lt John Hart
    • Ens Samson Manaton
  • Lt Col Sir Robert Wingfield
    • Lt Ambrose Cade
    • Ens George Wingfield
  • Major Samuel Price
    • Lt Ralph Garth
    • Ens Symon Gigins
  • Capt Robert Parker
    • Lt Thomas Dusrdo
    • Capt John Rose
  • Capt Richard Benson
    • Lt Thomas Latimer
    • Ens John Browne
  • Capt John Jessop
    • Lt Rogan Rockwood
    • Ens William Blake
  • Capt John Minshaw
    • Lt Humphrey Burton
    • Ens Richard Jackson
  • Capt William Owen
    • Lt Albion Derickbore
    • Ens John Price
  • Capt Thomas Stafforton
    • Lt Henry Wray
    • Ens Francis Barber
  • Capt Paulet
    • Lt Andrew Ball
    • Ens Thomas Hudson
  • Provost Marshall: Richard Gray
  • Chaplain: Freeman
  • Surgeon: Richard Searle
  • Carriage Master: Henry Beecher
  • Quartermaster: Christopher Allanson


See Also

1) A List of the Field Officers…, London 1642. British Library Thomason Tracts E 669 f6 (32)
2) A List of the Army Under the Command of Robert Earle of Essex British Library E 117 (30)