Colonel Thomas Leighton’s Regiment of Foot

Active1643 to 1644
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelThomas Leighton
Area Raised
Coat Color
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesDenbigh 1644

Parliamentarian foot intended to be raised for Denbigh's Army

Service History


  • Attempted to be raised


  • Disbanded


Leighton was commissioned to raise a regiment for Denbigh's Midland Association but he was unable to raise any men and he and his officers served as reformados

Flags and Equipment

Notable Officers

Thomas Leighton

Leighton had been Major to Lord Rochford’s Regiment of Foot This was reduced in May 1643 and by June he had been commissioned as a Colonel for the Earl of Denbigh's Army. After his failure to raise his regiment Leighton served as General Adjutant to Denbigh's Army from 13/05/44 to 30/03/45

Officer List

  • Colonel Thomas Leighton (10/06/43 - 13/05/44)
  • Lt Colonel John Drake (30/06/43 - 30/11/43)1)
  • Captain William Shaw (19/06/43 - 30/11/43 then joined Colonel John Wear’s Regiment of Foot)
  • Captain Russell ? (also served as Adjutant)
  • Captain Benjamin Brayny ? (also served as under Adjutant)
  • Captain Cornelius Bradshaw
  • Captain Williams


No men raised

See Also

1) N.A. SP28/36/429