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 <WRAP right> <WRAP right>
-|**Active**|1642-44|+|**Active**|1642 ​to 1644|
 |**Country**|England| |**Country**|England|
 |**Allegiance**|Parliamentarian| |**Allegiance**|Parliamentarian|
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 |**Colonel**|Sir William Constable|  |**Colonel**|Sir William Constable|
 |**Area Raised**|| |**Area Raised**||
-|**Coat Colour**|Blue| +|**Coat Colour**|Blue ​lined White|  
 +| |Red or Grey?|
 |**Flag Colour**||  |**Flag Colour**||
 |**Flag Design**||  |**Flag Design**||
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 ====1642==== ====1642====
-  *October: Battle of Edgehill +  *23rd October: Battle of Edgehill 
-  *November: Standoff at Turnham Green?+  *13th November: Standoff at Turnham Green
 ====1643==== ====1643====
   *April: Siege of Reading   *April: Siege of Reading
-  *September: First Battle of Newbury+  *11th August: Constable leaves for North  
 +  *8th September: Relief of Gloucester 
 +  *20th September: First Battle of Newbury 
 +  *1st March - 18th April: Service as dragoons under Col Cunningham (det)? ((N.A. SP28/​265/​300)) 
 +  *29th March: Battle of Cheriton (det)? 
 +  *24th April: Regiment reduced ​
 =====Notes===== =====Notes=====
 +=====Coats, ​Flags and Equipment===== 
 +Issued blue coats in September 1642, they were next issued coats in August 1643, which were probably red or grey ((//ECW Flags and Colours 1: English Foot//, Stuart Peachey & Les Prince 1990, Partizan Press ISBN:​0946525846)).
 =====Notable Officers===== =====Notable Officers=====
 ====Sir William Constable==== ====Sir William Constable====
 [[http://​bcw-project.org/​biography/​sir-william-constable|Sir William Constable]] [[http://​bcw-project.org/​biography/​sir-william-constable|Sir William Constable]]
 +====Officer Lists====
 +  *Colonel Sir William Constable (left regiment 11/08/43 to take up a command in the North)
 +  *Lieutenant Colonel Robert Grame (Led regiment from 11/08/43 to 24/04/44)
 +  *Major Henry Frodsham
 +  *Captain Thomas Eure
 +  *Captain James Breckham (Peckham)
 +  *Captain John Fenwick
 +  *Captain Simon Needham
 +  *Captain Benjamin Cecil
 +  *Captain Humphrey Jones (Fownes)
 +  *Captain James Gray
 +  *Captain William Hill (18/11/42 - 08/02/44)
 +===April 1644===
 +As Lt-Col Grame is not mentioned in the pay receipts from which the following names are drawn, one of the new captains may have been leading his company as a Capt-Lt
 +  *Major Henry Frodsham
 +  *Captain [Simon] Needham (Needham himself was absent serving as Lt Col of Constables northern regiment)
 +  *Captain James Gray (30/07/42 - 15/04/44 then Lt Coll  under [[parliamentarian:​foot-regiments:​godfrey-bosseville|Colonel Godfrey Bosseville]])
 +  *Captain [James] Peckham
 +  *Captain John Clarke (18/11/42 - 25/​04/​44)((N.A. SP28/​253B/​pt2/​30v))
 +  *Captain Humphrey Fownes (30/07/42 - 15/04/44 then Capt under Col Richard Fortescue 15/04/44 - 19/09/44) ((SP28/​36/​78))
 +  *Captain John Dugdale (had previously been Lieutenant to Captain Eure, taking over the company 07/​04/​43.((N.A. SP28/​37/​462)) Served as a reformado from 20/​03/​44((N.A. SP28/​37/​458))) ​
 +  *Captain Arthur Young (possibly the man who had been Ensign to Captain Eure in 1642. Probably the Capt-Lt Young of Constables regt who received pay for absentees from several regt's in Dec. 1643((N.A. SP28/​11/​284)))
 =====Strength===== =====Strength=====
 +  *October 1642: 800 men(([[http://​journals.sagepub.com/​doi/​pdf/​10.1177/​0968344510365223]])),​ falling to approx 500 after Edgehill
 =====See Also====== =====See Also======
 [[Sir William Constable (Northern)]] [[Sir William Constable (Northern)]]
 ===== Links ===== ===== Links =====