Colonel Robert Duckenfield’s Regiment of Foot

Active 1642 to 1648
ConflictsFirst Civil War
Second Civil War
ColonelRobert Duckenfield
Area RaisedCheshire
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesBrereton 1643-5

Parliamentarian regiment of foot serving in Cheshire in the First Civil War and in North Wales in the Second

Service History


  • October: Regiment raised.


  • March: First Battle of Middlewich
  • November: Commission issued by Earl of Essex to raise Regt in Yorkshire & Cheshire


  • January: Battle of Nantwich
  • April: Detachment sent to meet the Earl of Denbigh
  • May: Stormed at Stockport
  • September: Battle of Montgomery
  • October to November 1645: Siege of Beeston Castle


  • January to February: Siege of Chester?
  • March to September: Siege of Chester?
  • September to February 1646: Siege of Chester
  • November: Battle of Denbigh Green




  • June: Battle of Y Dalar Hir (1 company)


A history of the unit and lists of its officers are shown in Andrew Abram’s More Like Lions Than Men: Sir William Brereton and the Cheshire Army of Parliament 1642-46 Helion & Co. Ltd., Warwick, 2020. ISBN 978-1-913118-82-2

Raised around Stockport and Macclesfield. Note that by the time he received a commission from the Earl of Essex his regiment had been in existence for a year. An undated, but probably 1643 entry in Duckenfield's accounts (N.A. SP28/128/pt10) reads “pd for Armes to furnish my Irish Company and some cloaths for them 30-00-00”

Coats and Flags

At least some of Duckenfield's men were issued with “soldiers coats”

Notable Officers

Colonel Robert Duckenfield

Officer Lists


  • Colonel Robert Duckenfield
  • Lieutenant Colonel Venables? (transfered to Brereton's foot)
  • Captain Hyde
  • Captain Arderne
  • Captain Newton
  • Captain William Duckenfield
  • Captain James Afleck?
  • Lieutenant Pendleton (apparently commanded a company)


  • Colonel Robert Duckenfield
    • Lieutenant-Captain Upton
    • Quartermaster Samuel Lawton
    • Surgeon Thomas Pristnall
  • Major Henry Bradshaw
  • Captain Anthony Booth
  • Captain William Watson
  • Captain William Siddal
  • Captain Edmund Shelmerdine
  • Captain Samuel Smith (took over William Duckenfield's company)

The companies of Capt's Booth & Watson and Capt's Siddal and Shelmerdine are combined

  • Captain Miller (paid alongside Major Bradshaw's company in November 1645. This is possibly Capt Ralph Millner, for whom muster rolls survive for November and December and which appear to show the company being raised, or heavily recruited at this time.)


1645: 580 men in five companies1)

  • Colonel Duckenfield Regt, His own company 120
  • Capt Boothes and Capt Wattsones 140
  • Capt Sydall and Capt Sellmerdine 120
  • Capt Smyth (Wm Duckenfield - erased) 60
  • Total 580 (note not correct)

See Also

1) British Library Additional Manuscript 11331,45