Colonel William Ogilby’s Regiment of Foot

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelWilliam Ogilby
Area Raised
Flag ColourWatchett and Crimson1)
Flag DesignUnknown
Field ArmiesWarwick 1642

Regiment that was to be raised for the Earl of Warwick’s reserve army in 1642 but was never completed and disbanded without seeing action

Service History


  • November: raised
  • Disbanded


Coats, Flags and Equipment

The regiment ordered 8 watchett (light blue) and crimson flags of an unknown design 2),3).

Notable Officers

William Ogilby

Following the regiment's disbanding it was intended to send Ogilby to Yorkshire to serve as Sargeant Major General to Lord Fairfax. But it seems he did not take up the position. He was paid a months entertainment in this role on the 25th November, but in a second document 4 days later for wagon money the phrase “Sargeant Major General to Lord Fairfax” is deleted and replaced with “Colonel”. He, or another man of the same name and rank, later served under Essex as a reformado Colonel of Horse (05/11/43 - 03/05/45)

Officer List

  • Colonel William Ogilby (paid for himself and officers from November 3rd)
  • Lieutenant Colonel William Munroe ?? (paid for himself and officers at the same time as Ogilby)
  • Major [ ] Dakin ?? (paid for himself and officers at the same time as Ogilby)
  • Captain Thomas Scott
  • Captain James Aylett
  • Captain William Forbes ?? (intended to accompany Ogilby to Yorkshire)


The only payments found for rank and file in the the regiment were for 86 men under Ogilby from 10/11/42 and for 55 men under Scott from 14/11/42

See Also

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