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   *February: Skirmish at Chagford and Okehampton   *February: Skirmish at Chagford and Okehampton
   *February: Battle of Modbury   *February: Battle of Modbury
-  *April: Battle of Beacon Hill+  *23rd April: Battle of Beacon Hill - //​Detachment//​
   *May: Battle of Stratton   *May: Battle of Stratton
   *June to September: Besieged in Exeter   *June to September: Besieged in Exeter
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 =====Notable Officers===== =====Notable Officers=====
 ====Sir John Northcott==== ====Sir John Northcott====
 +[[https://​en.m.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Sir_John_Northcote,​_1st_Baronet|Sir John Northcott]] or Northcote, of Newton St Cyres, Devon, was captured at the fall of Exeter and exchanged in 1644.
 =====Strength===== =====Strength=====
 =====See Also====== =====See Also======
 ===== Links ===== ===== Links =====