Lord Wharton’s Regiment of Foot

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelLord Wharton
Area Raised
Coat ColourGrey?
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesEssex 1642

Parliamentarian Regiment of Foot originally raised for service in Ireland that instead joined Essex’s army and fought at Edgehill

Service History


  • 23rd October: Battle of Edgehill
  • 13th November: Standoff at Turnham Green


Coats, Flags and Equipment

Lord Wharton's regiment were issued coats in August 1642, of an unknown colour 1).

Notable Officers

Lord Wharton

Philip Wharton, 1st Baron Wharton was to be Colonel General of the force to be sent to Ireland in 1642. Instead the majority of the force served with Essex.

Officer Lists

Planned for service in Ireland, June 1642

  • Colonel The Lord Wharton (Colonel-General) 2)
  • Lt-Col Jeremy Horton (Major-General of Foot)
  • Major Owen Price
  • 1st Captain Vincent Calmady
  • 2nd Captain Robert Long
  • 3rd Captain Henry Carew
  • 4th Captain Henry Skipwith
  • 5th Captain Elias Struice “of Fire-Locks”
  • Captain-Lt Edward Massey
  • Lieutenant Thomas Browne
  • Lieutenant Edward Browne
  • Lieutenant Edward Tyrer
  • Lieutenant Thomas Allanby
  • Lieutenant Charles Holcroft
  • Lieutenant John Ivey
  • Lieutenant Edward Grey
  • Ensign Oliver Cromwell
  • Ensign Edward Greene
  • Ensign Robert Hughes
  • Ensign Richard Bland
  • Ensign Roger Moore
  • Ensign William Heyden
  • Ensign Oliver St John
  • Ensign Thomas Barber

Planned for service in Ireland, July 1642

  • Colonel The Lord Wharton
  • Lt-Col Jeremy Horton
  • Major Owen Parry
  • Captain Vincent Calmady
  • Captain Robert Long
  • Captain Henry Carew
  • Captain Henry Skipwith
  • Captain Elias Struice

September 1642

  • Colonel Philip Lord Wharton3)
    • Capt Lt Charles Holcroft
    • Ens Blake
  • Lt Col Jeremy Horton
    • Lt Francis Fitzhugh
    • Ens Thomas Radford
  • Major Owen Parry
    • Lt Edward Browne
    • Ens Robert Hughes
  • Capt Robert Long
    • Lt Thomas Albany
    • Ens Roger Moore
  • Capt Henry Carew
    • Lt William Browne
    • Ens William Heydon
  • Capt Jude Leigh
    • Lt William Bridges
    • Ens Edward Horton
  • Capt Henry Skipwith
    • Lt George Usher
    • Ens John Garret
  • Capt Christopher Bailey
    • Lt William Emerson
    • Ens Jeremy Gardiner
  • Capt Gibbons
    • Lt Anthony Masham
    • Ens Richard Bland
  • Capt Elias Struce
    • Lt Isaac Turney
    • Ens Edward Horton
  • Provost Marshall: George Higham
  • Surgeon: John Broughton


  • October 1642: 608 rank and file4)

See Also

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