Lord Oliver St. John’s Regiment of Foot

Active1642 to 1643
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelLord Oliver St. John
Thomas Essex
Area Raised
Coat ColourUnknown
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesWaller 1643

Later Colonel Thomas Essex’s Regiment of Foot

Parliamentarian regiment of foot raised for the Earl of Essex’s army but serving mostly with Waller in the West Country though a detachment served in Lincolnshire

Service History


  • August: Regiment commissioned
  • Garrison at Worcester
  • December: Arrive at Bristol


  • March: Defence of Bristol
  • March: Storm of Malmesbury
  • March: Battle of Highnam
  • April: Capture of Monmouth
  • April: Capture of Chepstow
  • April: Siege of Hereford?
  • May: Siege of Worcester?
  • July: Battle of Lansdown
  • July: Siege of Devizes
  • July: Battle of Roundway Down
  • July: Storm of Gainsborough (det)
  • July: Besieged in Bristol
  • July to August: Besieged in Gainsborough (det)


Coats, Flags and Equipment

Issued coats in August 1642, the colour of coats was not recorded 1). Only 600 coats were delivered initially the remaining 200 being received on the 31st September.2)

Notable Officers

Lord Oliver St. John

Colonel Thomas “Tom” Essex

Officer List

September 1642

  • Col Oliver Lord St John3)
    • Capt Lt Theophilious Palaelogus (Major 23/10/42 - 27/05/43; Lt Col 27/05/43 - )4)
    • Ens John Marshal
  • Lt Col Thomas Essex
    • Lt William Boughty
    • Ens Thomas Joy
  • Major Edward Andrews
    • Lt William Casey
    • Ens Edward Grevenor
  • Capt Timothy Neale
    • Lt Joseph Sears
    • Ens George Elliot
  • Capt Oliver Beecher
    • Lt Lyon Pilkington
    • Ens Lewis Mordent
  • Capt John Harvey
    • Lt Thomas Bedealls
    • Ens Noah Neale
  • Capt Lewis Pemberton
    • Lt Edward Carew
    • Ens Henry Tayler
  • Capt Thomas Miles
    • Lt Richard More
    • Ens Joseph Scarborough
  • Capt John Hilderson
    • Lt John Wood
    • Ens Richard Parker
  • Capt Thomas Thorogood
    • Lt Wendy Oxford
    • Ens Henry Lovell
  • Provost Marshall: Robert Lucas
  • Chaplain: John Vinter (William Winter in a warrant of October 1642)5)
  • Surgeon: William Roberts
  • Carriage Master: Thomas Greene
  • Quartermaster: William Walwin


  • August 15 1642: Paid an advance of one months pay for “400 men p[ar]t of his Regiment of 1200”6)
  • October 1642: 800 rank and file7)

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