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 |**Colonel**|John Sparrow| |**Colonel**|John Sparrow|
 |**Area Raised**|Essex| |**Area Raised**|Essex|
-|**Coat Colour**| |+|**Coat Colour**|Red?|
 |**Flag Colour**||  |**Flag Colour**||
 |**Flag Design**||  |**Flag Design**||
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 ====1644==== ====1644====
   *Late summer: Raised in Essex   *Late summer: Raised in Essex
-  *Garrison ​of Abingdon+  *September: ​Garrison Abingdon
 ====1645==== ====1645====
   *January: Defence of Abingdon   *January: Defence of Abingdon
-  *April: Reduced into Browne's Regiment+  ​*January: Ordered to be reduced into one company and join Browne'​s Foot 
 +  ​*April: Reduced into [[parliamentarian:​foot-regiments:​browne|Major General Richard ​Brownes Regiment ​of Foot]]
 =====Notes==== =====Notes====
 =====Coats, Flags and Equipment===== =====Coats, Flags and Equipment=====
 +In March 1645 recruits from Essex were given red coats with blue facing, as had been the practice formerly. Perhaps Sparrow'​s was one of the '​former'​ regiments((The Regiments of the Eastern Association Vol. 2, Laurence Spring, Stuart Press 1998 ISBN 1 85804 119 8)). 
 =====Notable Officers===== =====Notable Officers=====
 ====John Sparrow==== ====John Sparrow====
 +He had previously served as a Captain in [[parliamentarian:​dragoon-regiments:​col.-sir-john-seaton|Sir John Seaton'​s Regiment of Dragoons]]. His claim for pay as a Colonel ran from 16/08/44 to 2/​04/​45.((N.A. SP28/​332/​Pt3/​477))
 +====Officer List====
 +  *Lieutenant-Colonel St. John Holcroft (In December 1644, Major-General Browne asked that command of the regiment be confered on Holcroft as Sparrow had been long absent and was reportedly intending to give up his command.)((CSPD 1644 p180))
 =====Strength===== =====Strength=====
   *Late summer 1644: 400 men   *Late summer 1644: 400 men