Colonel Francis Thompson’s Regiment of Foot

Active1643 to 1644
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelFrancis Thompson
Area Raised
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesEssex 1643 - 1644

Parliamentarian regiment of foot serving in Essex’s army

Service History


  • May: Officers commissioned
  • July: Suppression of rising at Tonbridge and Severnoaks
  • 8th September: Relief of Gloucester
  • 20th September: First Battle of Newbury


  • April: Reduced, probably into other regiments of Essex's army


Commissions for officers were issued in late May 1643 but the regiment seems to have been slow in being raised. Colours for 10 companies were issued in mid June but when mustered on the 25th August the regiment consisted of 351 men in 7 companies. The regiment was reduced (i.e. disbanded) 25th April 1644, although some of it seems to have accompanied Thompson into a garrison command.


Carried 10 colours in 1643

Notable Officers

Francis Thompson

Officer List

  • Col Francis Thompson
    • Capt Lt Valentine Read
  • Lt-Col Theodore Paleologus (28/03/43 - 20/04/44)1)
  • Major Bussy Bassett (27/05/43 - 25/04/44)
  • Capt John Dungan (ex Capt-Lt Earl of Peterborough's regt)
  • Capt Robert Billingley (raised for Thompson's regt but seems to have served with Essex's own regt. In Aug 43 he was described as “Captaine of a Company in the Regiment of Collonel Francis Tomsons (and now marching wth my owne Regiment)” In his claim for wages he says he served under Essex 27/05/43 - 26/04/44 and then as Capt of Foot to Coll Thomson 10/05/44 - 17/12/44”
  • Capt John Marshal
  • Capt John Vaux
  • Capt John Blyth (from 01/11/43)


  • 25th May 1643: 351 rank and file
  • 10th Sep 1643: 260 rank and file (another 105 men paid later)
  • 16th Oct 1643: 158 rank and file
  • 17th Dec 1643: 81 rank and file plus 36 newly raised men of Capt Blyth
  • 5th Jan 1644: 141 rank and file
  • 28th Feb 1644: 147 rank and file
  • 1st Apr 1644: 133 rank and file

See Also

1) N.A. SP28/46/49