Colonel Francis Russell’s Regiment of Foot

Active1643 to 1645
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelFrancis Russell
Area RaisedSuffolk
Coat colourRed
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesManchester 1643-4

Parliamentarian regiment of foot of the Eastern Association fighting at Marston Moor

Service History


  • Raised in Suffolk
  • August to September: Siege of King’s Lynn
  • October: Siege of Lincoln


  • February to March: Siege of Newark (not present at the battle)
  • May: Siege of Lincoln
  • May to July: Siege of York
  • 2nd July: Battle of Marston Moor - 9 companies
  • July: Siege of York
  • August: Siege of Welbeck Abbey
  • August: Siege of Staveley House
  • August: Siege of Bolsover Castle
  • August: Siege of South Wingfield
  • October: Second Battle of Newbury



Another of the Eastern Association regiments comprised mainly of Independents.

Coats, Flags & Equipment

Red Coats1).

Notable Officers

A list of the regiment’s officers is shown in Laurence Spring’s Regiments of the Eastern Association2)

Colonel Francis Russell

Governor of Yarmouth until February 1643, from June 1645 he was Governor of Ely.

Officer List

  • Major Moyses Smith (08/06/44 - 29/07/44 previously served in Lord Grey of Wark’s Regiment of Foot. Discrepacies in dates suggest that this is not the Captain Smith noted by Spring, although the promotion to Major probably refers to Moyses)3)


See Also

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