Colonel Francis Crocker’s Regiment of Foot

Active1642 to 1646
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelFrancis? Crocker
John? Crocker
Area RaisedDevon
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesRuthen 1643?

Parliamentarian foot raised in Devon early in the First Civil War, served in the garrison of Plymouth

Service History


  • Raised at Plymouth


  • January: Battle of Braddock Down?
  • Garrison of Plymouth


Peachey & Turton 1) give this colonel as probably Francis. However the Journals of both the House of Commons and the Lords. 2) and several later pay claims (see below) suggest it was John.

There are a number of possibilities here:

  • Two separate regiments one commanded by Francis & one by John - (However the histories and possible officers of the two overlap.)
  • A single regiment commanded by first Francis and then John - (However there is no evidence for a second Cocker amongst the regiments officers)
  • Francis, for whom no rank is given in the sources cited by Peachey & Turton, was not the regiments commander.
  • Francis commanded the Plymouth Trained Band, but when a volunteer regiment was formed it was under John.


Notable Officers

Colonel Francis?/John? Crocker

Officer List

  • Lt Col Phillip Crocker (Capt 07/01/43. Major 11/03/44. Lt Col 18/06/44 - 15/06/46)3)
  • Major Phillip Sture (04/11/42 - 12/08/43)
  • Major Richard Foxworthy (Major 24/07/44 - 15/06/46)4)
  • Captain Pollexfen (Phillip Crocker was his Lt. from 24/10/42 - 07/01/43) (N.A. SP28/266/Part2/116)

For other officers see Peachey & Turton. 5)


See Also

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