Col. William Webb’s Dragoons

Active1645 to 1646?
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelWilliam Webb
Area RaisedLondon
Coat Color
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesPoyntz 1645

Parliamentarian dragoon Regiment forming part of the London Brigade serving in the Midlands.

Service History


  • 8th September: Parliament orders 500 horse and 500 Dragoons raised to form the London Brigade
  • 10th October: London Brigade at Northampton
  • 22nd October: Brigade reaches Nottinghamshire
  • 3rd November: Storming of Shelford House
  • 5th November: London Brigade sent to aid Brereton. However with the immediate danger having past is redirected to Market Harborough
  • 21st November: Brigade at St Albans heading back to London claiming that the Parliamentry ordinance only covered two months service.
  • 27th November: Ordered to join Col. Bulstrode covering Royalist advance towards Eastern Association
  • 2nd December: Ordered to join Col. Whalley around Oxford.
  • 5th December: Webb ordered to promise constant pay to any dragoons willing to continue to serve. Regiment reduced to three companies under a Major and two Captains.


Formed the London Brigade together with Col. Robert Mainwaring's Horse

Coats, Flags and Equipment

Notable Officers

William Webb

A Grocer of Bartholomew Lane in the Parish of St Michael Cornhill London. He joined the Honourable Artillery Company in 1641. A Lieutenant under Col. John Venn in March 1643, he then served as capt and major in the Green Auxiliaries. In September 1645 he became Colonel of Dragoons. By October 1646 he was back as Colonel of the Green Auxiliary Regiment of Foot of the London Trained Bands

Officer List


Ordered to be raised as 500 men (5 Companies?) in December 1645 reduced to 300 men (3 Companies)

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