Sir John Seaton's Regiment of Dragoons

Active1642 to 1643
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir John Seaton
George Melve
Area RaisedLondon
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesWarwick 1642
Essex 1643

Later Colonel George Melve's Regiment of Dragoons

Parliamentarian regiment of dragoons serving under Essex in the First Civil War

Service History


  • Raised in London


  • January: Seaton sent to Lancashire, the regiment passes to Melve
  • June: Battle of Chalgrove Field


Sir John Seaton was a Scot who originally raised the regiment in London although it was intended for service in Lancashire. However in the scramble to defend London after Edgehill the regiment was drafted into the Earl of Warwick's new Army of which Seaton was made Sargeant Major Generall. In Jan 1643 Seaton with a few of his officers was finally dispatched to Lancashire. The regiment however remained behind now under Col. George Melve as part of Essex's army, where it fought at Chalgrove Field. The regiment seemingly broke up around mid July but a number of it's troops continued in existence for some months longer attached to various horse regiments of Essex's army. The regiment's chaplain was paid from the 30th November 1642 to 24th of June 1643.

Coats and Flags

Notable Officers

Col. Sir John Seaton

Col. George Melve

May also be known as Mills. Probably the “Colonell George Myll Colonell of a Regiment of foot” who received personal pay in October 1642.

Officer Lists

Officers under Seaton

  • Col. Sir John Seaton
  • Capt John Sparrow (later a Colonel of Foot.)
  • Capt Peter Marrow
  • Capt Thomas Ayloffe
  • Capt Jeremy Baines
  • Capt Robert Hardy
  • Capt Bestney Mason
  • Capt Richard Fincher

Officers under Melve

  • Col. George Melve
  • Major Jeremy Baines (later Lt Col to Col Samuel Jones Foot)
  • Capt John Sparrow
  • Capt Peter Marrow
  • Capt Robert Hardy
  • Capt Thomas Ayloffe (left to command his own regiment of Foot)
  • Capt Peter Hayward
  • Capt Richard Fincher (later Capt of Horse under Waller)
  • Capt Francis Middleton
  • Capt Thomas Maynard
  • Capt Hercules Langrish (took over Ayloffe's company)
  • Capt John Chapman (took over Sparrow's Company)
  • Capt Thomas Melve


  • When raised intended to be 9 companies strong. Capt Sparrow was commissioned to raise 120 dragoons,1) so an overall strength of over 1000 men
  • 29th April 1643: 397 men

See Also

1) N.A. SP28/44/62