Colonel Alexander Popham’s Regiment of Dragoons

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelAlexander Popham
Edward Popham
Area RaisedSomerset
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesWaller 1643

Also possibly Colonel Edward Popham’s Regiment of Dragoons

Parliamentarian dragoons serving in the West Country, based at Bath

Service History


  • January: Skirmish at Burford
  • January: Siege of Sudeley Castle
  • February: Put down rising at Sherborne, Portland and Corfe?
  • March: Battle of Highnam
  • April: Taking of Sherborne
  • April to May: Siege of Portland
  • June: Skirmish at Chewton Mendip?
  • July: Battle of Lansdown?
  • July: Siege of Devizes
  • July: Besieged in Bristol


It’s unclear whether this should be accounted Colonel Alexander Popham’s or his brother, Colonel Edward Popham’s Regiment of dragoons. Possibly both commanded at different times. The regiment might also have been combined with Colonel Alexander Popham’s Regiment of Horse. Troops may have been attached to Col. Nathaniel Fiennes’ Regiment of Horse and Colonel Cole’s Dragoons.


Notable Officers

Colonel Alexander Popham

Colonel Edward Popham

Edward Popham, brother of Alexander.

Captain Harrington

Captain Oland

Captain Whippey


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