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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

  • Click on 'Login' at the top right of any page, below the text box on the next page choose the option to Register, then input your user name, real name and email address (emails and real names will be confidential). A registration email will then be sent to you containing your password. It's a good idea to change your password to something you can remember.

How do I change my password?

  • Click on 'Update Profile' at the top right of any page. You will be asked to enter your new password twice and to confirm your old password.

How can I keep track of recent changes?

  • If you want an overview of additions and changes on this wiki, you can subscribe to the RSS feed either through the bookmarks dialogue in your browser or by clicking on the RSS button in the footer buttons at the bottom of every page. Furthermore, registered users can receive e-mail notifications of updates by clicking on “Manage Subscriptions” which appears on the top toolbar when you are logged in. This gives you the option of subscribing to individual pages, or to changes over the whole wiki (the asterisk * option). Once subscribed, notification emails will be sent automatically to the address you gave on registering. You can unsubscribe or change options at any time.

Is all the information correct?

  • Definitely not! The wiki is still being populated with data, and much information on the period is misleading, contradictory or just plain missing. Hopefully in time the reliability will improve with further contributions. Therefore please exercise caution in use of the data within.


  • We've used a fair few, will add as I think of them.
  • Most important is ? meaning possible, for example where an officer is known to have been present at an action but his regiment weren't noted, ?? = dubious, in other words, read it somewhere but it sounds bogus. Always appreciate more clarification on these.
  • Usual rank abbreviations, Gen = General, Col = Colonel, Lt Col = Lieutenant Colonel, Maj = Major, Capt = Captain, Lt = Lieutenant, Ens = Ensign, Sgt = Sergeant, Cpl = Corporal, QM = Quartermaster
  • Unit abbreviations, Rgt = Regiment, Coy = Company, Trp = Troop
  • Casualties, k = killed, mw = mortally wounded, w = wounded