Contributors' Notes

Do I need to reference everything?

  • Not at present, we're in the first phase of populating the wiki with data at the moment, but we'd be very happy if you could include references. One area where we would like to see references is for anything on coat colours or flags, as a fair bit of the information available online is inaccurate or conjectural.
  • Yes, use the 'External Link' button on the toolbar above the edit area. Please only link to relevant sites! We'd also prefer if you could avoid linking to commercial sites.

What about Officer Lists?

  • At the moment we've decided just to include a few notables for each regiment; generally the Colonel and anyone else particularly famous or notorious. As for full lists of officers, we're not including them (mainly due to the pain of typing them all in!), but we are happy for anyone to contribute officer lists derived from their own research or from publications not in print. Please don't include lists of officers copied directly from publications in print (eg Reid, Peachey & Turton, Spring etc.) as we do want to encourage ECW publishing rather than discourage it!

Should independent companies or troops be included?

  • The approach we've taken so far is to include them if they didn't end up forming part of a regiment. That said, they aren't top priority as yet.

How should I make a new regimental page?

  • First of all please double-check that the regiment isn't there already, eg. under a previous colonel or in the Trained Bands section. Now go to the list of regiments of that type, eg. Royalist Foot, and edit the page to add the new name in double square brackets. Please don't delete or alter anything else as this will mess up other links. You can adapt a page from a different regiment by editing and copying it, or use the dummy regiment page at Colonel Dummy Template's Regiment of Foot.

Talk Page

  • When you're logged in, at the top of your page on the right you should find a link called 'My Talk' click on this and make a new page where you can say hello and other users can converse with you. This is viewable by all registered users and you can find them by going to 'Wiki Site Index' (on the left bar below Navigation) then 'talk' then 'wiki' then 'user'. You'll find mine here tim.