Colonel Richard Douglas’ Regiment of Foot

ConflictsSecond Civil War
ColonelRichard Douglas
Area RaisedSelkirk
Coat ColourGrey?
Flag ColourRed
Flag DesignWhite Saltire
Field ArmiesHamilton 1648

Covenanter regiment of foot serving on the Preston campaign in the Second Civil War

Service History


  • May: Raised in Stirling area, Roxburgh & Selkirk
  • July: Preston campaign
  • August: Battle of Winwick Pass
  • August: Surrender to the New Model Army at Winwick and Warrington


A history of the unit is shown in Edward M. Furgol’s A Regimental History of the Covenanting Armies 1639-1651 Edinburgh, 1990. ISBN 0 85976 194 0

In 1651 Douglas took over Sir Andrew Kerr of Greenhead’s Regiment of Foot

Coats, Flags and Equipment

Flags are identified among those captured on the Preston campaign. As was common for Scots foot regiments, the Colonel's company carried a white flag while other companies carried coloured flags. The white flag had a cloud and arm holding a sword with the motto DOE OR DIE and a scroll with the inscription COVENANT FOR RELIGION KING AND KINGDOMES (though partly ripped). Flags of the other companies were red with white saltire. The inscription was Couenant for Religion King and and Kingdomes.1)

Notable Officers

A list of the regiment's officers is shown in Stuart Reid's Scots Armies of the 17th Century 2: Scots Colours Partizan Press 1988 ISBN 094652550 1

Richard Douglas

Son of Sir William Douglas of Cavers, his father refused the Engagers' commission in 1648.


  • May 1648: Instructed to levy 1000 men
  • August 1648: 142 officers and men surrender at Warrington

See Also

1) Stuart Reid's Scots Armies of the 17th Century 2: Scots Colours Partizan Press 1988