Sir John Hurry’s Regiment of Dragoons

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir John Hurry
Area RaisedAberdeen & Banff
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesHurry 1645

Covenanter dragoons of Hurry’s army in 1645

Service History


  • February: Hurry commissioned colonel of Aberdeenshire & Banffshire dragoons
  • March: Taking of Aberdeen
  • March: Skirmish at Fettercairn?
  • April: Skirmish at Careston Ford?
  • May: March on Inverness
  • May: Battle of Auldearn


A history of the unit is shown in Edward M. Furgol’s A Regimental History of the Covenanting Armies 1639-1651 Edinburgh, 1990. ISBN 0 85976 194 0

Flags, Coats and Equipment

Notable Officers

Sir John Hurry

Sir John Hurry was a Scots professional soldier who had commanded a regiment of horse in the Earl of Essex’s army. Defecting to the Royalists in 1643, he raised a regiment of horse in the Oxford Army. After defeat by the Scottish and Parliamentary armies at Marston Moor he changed sides again, joining the Scots Covenanters. He led the Covenanter forces against Montrose at Auldearn, but changed sides again to the Scots Royalists. At Carbisdale in 1650, on the same side as his old opponent Montrose, he was captured by the Covenanters. They evidently decided that three defections were more than enough and executed Sir John.ODNB Biography


  • February 1645: Authorised to raise 240 dragoons
  • May 1645: Allegedly 400 mounted levy foot, according to his ODNB Biography

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