Colonel James Castle’s Regiment of Foot

Active1646 to 1653
ConflictsIrish Confederate War
ColonelJames Castle
Henry Slade
William Leigh
Area RaisedWarwickshire?
Coat ColourRed?
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesJones 1647-9
Cromwell 1649
Venables 1649

Later Colonel Henry Slade's, then Colonel William Leigh's Regiment of Foot

Regiment of Foot serving in Ireland under Michael Jones and Cromwell

Service History


  • September: Castle commissioned to raise a regiment of 1000 foot for service in Ireland


  • March: Shipped to Dublin
  • August: Battle of Dungan’s Hill



  • June: Defence of Ballisonan (Major Purefoy)
  • August: Battle of Rathmines?
  • 2nd - 11th September: Storm of Drogheda, Colonel Castle killed
  • Henry Slade appointed Colonel
  • August: Garrison of Dublin
  • September: Taking of Carlingford
  • September: Taking of Newry
  • September: Skirmish at Dromore
  • September: Taking of Lisburn
  • September: Taking of Belfast
  • November: Taking of Carrickfergus
  • December: Battle of Lisnagarvey


  • 27th April to 18th May: Siege of Clonmel
  • Slade dies and is replaced by William Leigh




  • Disbanded


A history of the regiment is given in The Regimental History of Cromwell's Army by Sir Charles Firth and Godfrey Davies, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1940

The regiment was raised in 1646 by James Castle, likely from Warwickshire, where Castle had served in the First Civil War. In 1647 they were shipped to Dublin, coming under the command of Michael Jones in whose army they fought with distinction at Dungan’s Hill. A detachment under Major Purefoy held Ballisonan against Ormond before Cromwell’s arrival. At the Storm of Drogheda Castle’s regiment were one of the foremost in the assault and Castle was killed in action. He was replaced by Henry Slade. The regiment were attached to Venables' force that marched on Ulster in the autumn of 1649. William Leigh was the last colonel before the regiment were disbanded in 1653.

Coats, Flags and Equipment

Red coats presumably.

Notable Officers

James Castle

Castle had served in Warwickshire during the First Civil War. He was killed at the Storm of Drogheda in September 1649

Henry Slade

Slade had served in the garrison of Warwick Castle during the First Civil War, he led the regiment for a short time before he died early in 1650.

William Leigh

Was previously Lieutenant Colonel of Lord Deputy Henry Ireton’s Regiment of Foot in Ireland.

Officer List

Mustered 8th of April 1647 at Dublin

  • Colonel James Castell
  • Lt Col. Henry Slade
  • Sgt Maj. William Purefoy
  • Capt. Samuell Brereton
  • Capt. William Chambers
  • Capt. Abraham Coles
  • Capt. Thomas Bromidge
  • Capt. Edward Richardson
  • Capt. Thomas Folliott
  • Capt. Edward Newsams
  • Capt. blank


  • April 1647: 960 private soldiers, besides officers
  • Spring 1648: 840 men

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