Sir Nicholas Byron’s Regiment of Foot

ConflictsFirst Bishops’ War
ColonelsSir Nicholas Byron
Area RaisedNorfolk
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesHamilton 1639
Charles 1639

English infantry regiment that was raised from Norfolk Trained Bands for the First Bishops’ War of 1639

Service History


  • Raised from the Norfolk Trained Bands
  • April: Shipped from Norfolk to the Firth of Forth
  • Land on the island of Inchkeith
  • May: Re-embark and anchor off Dunbar
  • May: Continue voyage from Dunbar to Holy Island and march to Berwick


Originally part of Hamilton's seaborne invasion force. Byron’s regiment do not appear to have been in the camp at Birks, perhaps they remained in Berwick or at Holy Island.

Coats and Flags

Notable Officers

Sir Nicholas Byron

Led regiments of foot in both Bishops' Wars and joined the Royalists in the First Civil War. He was Colonel-General of Cheshire and Shropshire in 1642, then Governor of Chester.


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