Lord Grandison’s Regiment of Foot

ConflictsSecond Bishops’ War
ColonelsLord Grandison
Area RaisedWorcestershire
Coat Colourunknown
Flag Colourunknown
Flag Designunknown
Field Armies1640

English infantry regiment that was raised for the Second Bishops’ War of 1640 1)

Service History


  • Raised in Leicestershire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire


Coats and Flags

Notable Officers

Lord Grandison

William Villiers, Second Viscount Grandison, killed at the storm of Bristol in 1643.

Officer List

The Names of all the Colonels, Lieutenant Colonels, Sergeant Majors, Captains, Lieutenants, Ensigns, Preachers, Chirurgeons, Quarter-masters, Provost Marshals, under his Excellency the Earl of Northumberland, Captain General for this Expedition 1640. Taken according to the Muster Roll after the Armies Retreat from Newcastle into York. 2)

•The Lord Viscount Grandison, Colonel •Thomas Ballard, Lieut. Col. •Henry Sibthorpe, Serg. Maj.

Captains. •William Pretty •Francis Smith •Edward Villars •Thomas Ellis •George Lisle •Edward Urney •John Boyes.

Lieutenants. •Thomas Browne •William Alford •John Malorye •William Smith •Robert Wilishire •Robert Wynd •John Eaton •Daniel Broughton •Francis Gaudy •Philip Ballard

Ensigns. •John Bennet •John Carter •Hugh Justice •Henry Crooker •Henry Payton •Ralph Sparkes •Henry Marshin •John Cooney •John Walters

•Thomas Kent, Preacher •John Earnlesse, Chirurgeno •Quarter Master, Philip Cooke •Provost Marshal, Marmaduke Collins


  • 1200 planned to be raised (Leicestershire 310, Worcestershire 600, Gloucestershire 290)
August 30th 1640

Mustered on return to Yorkshire 3)

  • Lord Grandeson 172
  • Lieut. Col. Ballard 72
  • Serg. Maj. Sibthorp 106
  • Capt. Pretty 103
  • Capt. Ellis 82
  • Capt. Lesley 96
  • Capt. Boys 91
  • Capt. Villars 98
  • Capt. Smith 77
  • Capt. Varvay 99
  • Total 996

See Also

1) A list of the colonels as also of the severall counties out of which they are to raise their men. Thomason / 669.f.3[1]
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