Colonel William Vavasour’s Regiment of Foot

ConflictsSecond Bishops’ War
ColonelsWilliam Vavasour
Area RaisedCornwall
Coat Colourunknown
Flag Colourunknown
Flag Designunknown
Field Armies1640

English infantry regiment that was raised for the Second Bishops’ War of 1640 1)

Service History


  • Raised in London, Cornwall and Devon


Coats and Flags

Notable Officers

William Vavasour

Officer List

The Names of all the Colonels, Lieutenant Colonels, Sergeant Majors, Captains, Lieutenants, Ensigns, Preachers, Chirurgeons, Quarter-masters, Provost Marshals, under his Excellency the Earl of Northumberland, Captain General for this Expedition 1640. Taken according to the Muster Roll after the Armies Retreat from Newcastle into York. 2)

•William Vavasor, Colonel. •Nicholas Mynne, Lieutenant Col. •Thomas Pagett, Serjeant Major.

Captains. •Charles Gillmore •Edward Brett •William Bedingfield •Lancelot Houltby Nicholls •Francis Layton •Henry Ferries.

Lieutenants. •Robert Griffith •Ralph King •Francis Cowgrave •Owen Collugno •Nicholas Hughes •Francis Mills •John Wren •Robert Nicholas •Arthur Grant •Arthur Lowe.

Ensigns. •Edward Chester Finch •Henry Baggett •Thomas Audey •Charles Fox •George Drewell •Fenix Wilson •Benjamin Brett •John Jefford •Robert Hugganes.

•Preacher, Mr. Christian Sherwood. •Chirurgion, Trinity Langley. •Quarter Master, Humf. Farrew. •Provost Marshal.


  • 1200 planned to be raised (London 600, Cornwall 400, Devon 200)
August 30th 1640

Mustered on return to Yorkshire 3)

  • Col. Will. Vavasour 101
  • Lieut. Col. Mynn 80
  • Serg. Ma. Padgit 74
  • Capt. Brit 62
  • Capt. Holtby 60
  • Capt. Nichols 56
  • Capt. Leighton 56
  • Capt. Ferrer 59
  • Capt. Bowes 60
  • Capt. Baskavel 62
  • Capt. Maxwel 85
  • Total 755

See Also

1) A list of the colonels as also of the severall counties out of which they are to raise their men. Thomason / 669.f.3[1]
2) , 3) 'Historical Collections: 1640, August-September', Historical Collections of Private Passages of State: Volume 3: 1639-40, pp. 1221-1286. URL: Date accessed: 12 February 2014