Yorkshire Trained Bands

Horse & Dragoons

The Yorkshire Trained Bands of 1638 were the largest in the country. They consisted of 12,241 men armed with 6,720 muskets and 5,521 corslets (body armour, signifying pikemen). They also mustered a substantial cavalry force of 365 cuirassiers and 35 dragoons.

In the winter of 1638-1639 Sir Jacob Astley reviewed the Trained Bands at York, in preparation for the First Bishops' War. The regiments of foot were to be increased from 1000 men each to 1500 men each1).

Sir Henry Cholmley was Lt Col of one of the Trained Band regiments from 1640. He led a regiment in Essex's army in 1642-3. In 1648 Chomley was again colonel, unsure if militia or not.

Sir John Gotherick's troop in Sir William Saville’s Regiment of Horse apparently originated as a Trained Band.

1) The Bishops’ Wars, Charles I’s campaigns against Scotland 1638-1640. Mark Charles Fissel, Cambridge University Press 1994. ISBN 0 521 34520 0