Sir William Pennyman’s Yorkshire Trained Band Regiment of Foot

ConflictsFirst Bishops’ War
ColonelSir William Pennyman
Area RaisedYorkshire
Coat ColourGrey??
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field Armies1639

Yorkshire Trained Band of Foot serving in the First Bishops’ War of 1639

Service History


  • April: Muster at York
  • April: Ordered to march to reinforce Berwick
  • April to June: Garrison of Berwick along with the Durham Trained Band
  • June: Standoff between Birks and Duns Law


In April 1639 the Earl of Essex reinforced Berwick with Pennyman's Yorkshire Trained Band and Sir Charles Vavsour's Durham Trained Band. Sir Michael Ernley was left in command of the garrison, while the Earl of Lindsey commanded the town.

Coats and Flags

In 1640, a company from Beverley commanded by Pennyman was outfitted in grey coats, as was a company under Sir Thomas Danby 1)

Notable Officers

Sir William Pennyman


  • May 1639: 1070 men 2)

See Also

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