Southampton Trained Bands

  • Southampton Trained Band (Col. Sir Thomas Jervoise)
  • Isle of Wight Militia Sir John Leigh
  • Southampton Trained Band Horse

The Southampton (Hampshire) Trained Bands of 1638 consisted of 4,799 men armed with 2,854 muskets and 1,945 corslets (body armour, signifying pikemen). They also mustered 170 horse.

In 1639 Trained Bands of the Isle of Wight (then part of Hampshire) were alerted by the presence of a Spanish fleet in the Channel, but had little armament due to detachments sent to the King's army in the North. Sir John Leigh, a supporter of Parliament, was colonel of the Isle of Wight militia from 1642 to 1647.

In 1642 the Hampshire Trained Bands supported Sir William Waller's Parliamentarian forces at the siege of Portsmouth and probably that of Southsea Castle.

Service History


  • August to September: Siege of Portsmouth
  • September: Siege of Southsea Castle?

Notable Officers

Sir Thomas Jervoise

Officer List

August 1642

  • Colonel Sir Thomas Jervoise
  • Major [] Crosswell
  • Captain [] Goddard
  • Captain [] Wallopp


  • The four companies at the siege of Portsmouth in August 1642 totaled 292 common soldiers