Plymouth Town Regiment of Foot

Active1643? - 1646?
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelPhilip Francis?
John Cawse?
Justinian Peard?
Bartholemew Nicholl?
Area RaisedPlymouth
Coat Colour
Flag Colourunknown
Flag Designunknown
Field ArmiesGarrison

Parliamentarian regiment of foot in Plymouth

Service History


  • Garrison of Plymouth
  • October to December: Besieged at Plymouth


  • April to July: Besieged at Plymouth


  • September to January 1646: Besieged at Plymouth


  • Garrison of Plymouth


The Plymouth Town Regiment probably grew out of the town's pre-war trained band. On the evidence of “Town” regiments in other garrisons this unit was probably part-time and unpaid, apart from a few full-time officers. This would account for it's fairly shadowy existence in the records. The regiment would probably have provided a rota of night-time sentries to relieve the regular soldiers as well as serving more continuously during times of active siege.

Coats, Flags and Equipment

Armed with pikes, muskets with bandoliers and swords with belts.

Notable Officers

Officer List

The document given below would suggest the regiment was commanded by the then serving Mayor of Plymouth

  • Colonel Philip Francis? (? - 17/09/43)
  • Colonel John Cawse? (17/09/43 - 17/09/44)
  • Colonel Justinian Peard? (17/09/44 - 17/09/45)
  • Colonel Bartholemew Nicholl? (17/09/45 - ?)
  • Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Fitch (18/06/44 - 17/02/46)
  • Lieutenant Colonel George Kekwich (17/02/46 - ?) Kekwich had been Major to Colonel Anthony Rouse’s Regiment of Foot he may have been recently wounded which would explain the change as Rouse was about to take the field.
  • Captain Philip Francis - apparently continued to command a company after his term as Mayor
  • Drum Major George Hall (paid along with the rest of the regiment's drummers 05/01/45)

Contemporary Documents

“Plymouth this 20th of February 1646 This is to certify that whereas Lieut Collo: Thomas Fitch and Lieut Collo: Georg Kekwich have made an agreement for the exchang of thier commands; I doe frely discharg Leiut Collo: Thomas Fitch of being Lieut Collo: unto me of this Town Regiment; and have taken into my care and charg the said Lieut Collo: Fitch his company being in number ninety two private souldiers eightteen pikes seventy muskets sixty five bandileers fifty swords fifty belts Barth: Nicholl Mayor (N.A. SP28/267/Part2/69)


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