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Bristol Trained Bands

  • Bristol Trained Band (Col Charleton, later Col Thomas Colston, Col John Taylor)
  • Bristol Volunteers

The Bristol Trained Bands of 1638 consisted of 300 men armed with 210 muskets and 90 corslets (body armour, signifying pikemen). They mustered no cavalry.

Bristol Trained Band Regiment of Foot

Active1643 to 1645
ConflictsFirst Civil War
Thomas Colston
John Taylor
Area RaisedBristol
Coat Colour
Flag ColourWhite
Flag DesignMotto & Hearts
Field Armies

Trained Band Regiment of Foot of Bristol, initially under Parliamentarian control, then supporting the Royalists

Service History


  • Garrison of Bristol
  • July: Besieged in Bristol (With Bristol Volunteers)


  • Garrison of Bristol


  • Garrison of Bristol
  • August to September: Besieged in Bristol


The Bristol volunteers consisted of around 1000 townsmen hastily raised to defend the city in July 1643. After the storm of Bristol by Prince Rupert and Lord Hopton they likely disbanded.


On July 25th 1645 Symonds noted that Colonel Taylor's Regiment carried six white flags each with the motto 'Pro Deo & Rege' and distinguished by different numbers of red heart devices 1). Needless to say this design was probably not carried when they were Parliamentarian.

Notable Officers

Colonel Charleton

Colonel Thomas Colston

Colonel John Taylor


See Also

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