Sir George Ogilvy of Banff’s Troop of Horse

ConflictsFirst Bishops’ War
CaptainOgilvy of Banff
Area RaisedBanffshire
Flag ColourWhite?
Flag DesignPlain?
Field ArmiesAboyne 1639

Scots Royalist troop of horse, perhaps cuirassiers, engaged in the First Bishop’s war of 1639

Service History


  • Raised
  • May: Towie-Barclay Castle?
  • May: Trot o’ Turriff
  • May: Occupation of Aberdeen?


Ogilvy of Banff’s troop of horse may well have accompanied him to the unsuccessful attempt on Towie-Barclay Castle on the 10th of May 1639, where David Prat was killed, the first fatal casualty of the Civil Wars. Ogilvy of Banff’s troop, together with Gordon of Haddo’s troop, formed the Scots Royalist cavalry at the very first skirmish of the Civil Wars, the Trot o’ Turriff in May 1639.

Flags & Equipment

One of Ogilvy's or Gordon's troops were equipped with full cuirassier armour and bore ane hankerciffe upon a lance as a colour1).

Notable Officers

Sir George Ogilvy of Banff

Sir George Ogilvy of Banff (d. 1663) led the Scots Royalists at the attempt on Towie-Barclay Castle, Trot of Turriff and occupation of Aberdeen in May 1639. In 1642 he was created 1st Lord Banff. In the Second and Third Civil Wars he raised nominally Covenanter regiments for the Engagers and Charles II respectively.


One troop only

See Also

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