Marquis of Montrose’s Troop of Horse

ConflictsFirst Civil War
CaptainMarquis of Montrose
Area Raised
Flag ColourWhite
Flag DesignLaurel & Motto
Field ArmiesClavering 1644

Royalist horse serving on Clavering’s brief campaign on the Scottish Border in early 1644

Service History


  • April: Taking of Dumfries
  • May: Siege of Morpeth
  • May: Skirmish at Sunderland


Despite leading a troop of horse in early 1644, said to include 200 Scots gentry, Montrose couldn’t persuade the English Royalists to spare him any horsemen for his more famous expedition to Scotland in late 1644. Indeed, at Tippermuir he is said to have only had three horses in his entire force.

Flags & Equipment

According to Blount: The Marquis of Montrose in Scotland bore for figure a laurel of gold, in a field argent, and for motto, MAGNIS, AUT EXCIDAM AUSIS intimating that he would either achieve some great design or fall in the attempt1). Blount also wrote that; The Lord Montrosse, (after he had obtain'd a Victory in Scotland, and as it should seem was in hope to joyn with the Kings party in England) figur'd six hands, holding as many swords, closing together, and the motto, QUOS PIETAS, HONOR ET VIRTUS FECIT AMICOS2).

Notable Officers

Marquis of Montrose


A single troop

See Also

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