Colonel Manus O’ Cahan’s Regiment of Foot

Active1644 to 1645
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelsManus O’ Cahan
Area RaisedUlster
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesMontrose 1644-5

One of the three regiments of the famous Irish Brigade fighting in Scotland during the campaigns of Montrose

Service History


  • Raised by the Earl of Antrim in Ulster
  • Shipped to Scotland
  • July: Siege of Kinlochaline Castle
  • 1st September: Battle of Tippermuir - 400 men
  • 13th September: Battle of Aberdeen - 400 men
  • October: Battle of Fyvie
  • December: Raid on Inverary


  • 2nd February: Battle of Inverlochy - 200 men
  • April: Storm of Dundee (det)
  • May: Battle of Auldearn
  • July: Battle of Alford
  • August: Battle of Kilsyth
  • September: Battle of Philiphaugh
  • December: Siege of Inverness


There are histories of O'Cahan's regiment available online through Wikipedia and Scotwars

By Philiphaugh O'Cahan commanded a composite battalion made up of all three regiments of the Irish brigade.

Coats and Flags

Notable Officers

Colonel Manus O’ Cahan

Lieutenant-Colonel Donnoughue O’ Cahan

Lieutenant Colonel, led the regiment at Tippermuir, Aberdeen and Fyvie.

List of Officers

  • Colonel Manus O’ Cahan
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Donnoughue O’ Cahan
  • Sergeant-Major Ledwitch
  • Captain Art O’Neale
  • Captain John Mortimer
  • Captain Rowry Duffe O’Cahan
  • Lieutenant John Mac Guyer
  • Lieutenant Cnogher O’Cahan
  • Lieutenant Shane O’Cahan
  • Lieutenant James Dease
  • Lieutenant Con O’Neal
  • Lieutenant Patricke O’Mallen
  • Ancient Phelim O’Donnelly
  • Ancient Bryen O’Neale
  • Ancient Bartholomew Newgent
  • Ancient John Cooper
  • Ancient Donnagh O’Cahan
  • Ancient Dualtagh Mac Duffy
  • Sergeant Owen O’Cognogher
  • Sergeant Hugh Mac Cormacke
  • Sergeant Bryen Oge Mac Cormacke
  • Sergeant William Oge Mac Cormacke
  • Sergeant Tohill Moddirrt Mac Illrey
  • Sergeant John That
  • Sergeant Hugh Oge Lavery
  • Sergeant Hary O’Muldowne
  • Sergeant Daniel Mac Duffy
  • Sergeant James O’Mulhollan
  • Sergeant Edward Keltey
  • Sergeant Terlagh Mac Cana


Originally 500 men in six companies, besides officers

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