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 A printed pass for Captain Edmund Barber from Wallingford Garrison. A printed pass for Captain Edmund Barber from Wallingford Garrison.
 +E.264.9 Perfect Occurrences of Parliament 29th August to 4th September 1645
 +Wednesday September the 3rd
 +This day there came letters from Redding,​intimating that a partee of
 +120 Horse from Wallingford and Dennington,​under the command of one Captain Barber,came Tuesday the 2 September 1645,from that way to fetch in Contribution,​and attempted to come very near Redding Garrison and gave us an alarm; Our Scouts having described their number,​Colonell Baxter the Governour drew out those horses he had, (which were not above 40), resolving to charge the freebooters.And just in the nick of time,came in very seasonably to his assistance (but casually) Captain Burrowes who was going with his recruits from London to Abingdon,​who with his Troope joined with the Redding horse,and marched out towards the enemy,and so soon as they discovered them,fell upon them and did very good execution,​killed and wounded diverse,and after a short dispute quite routed them,and took prisoners Captain Barber,​their Commander in chief; and five other considerable officers and 20 prisoners,​and 30 horse and above 40 Arms,and the rest hardly escaped,​many of them (besides the slaine) being wounded,and the whole party clearly routed.
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 Originally a single troop, to be of 100 men Originally a single troop, to be of 100 men
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 +[[royalist:​foot-regiments:​thomas-blagge|Colonel Thomas Blagge’s Regiment of Foot]]
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