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   *[[Joseph Bampfield|Col. Joseph Bampfield]]   *[[Joseph Bampfield|Col. Joseph Bampfield]]
   *[[Sir Henry Bard]]   *[[Sir Henry Bard]]
-  *Col. John Barnard - see [[Col. Ferdinando Stanhope]]+  *Col. John Barnard - see [[Duke of Gloucester]]
   *[[Sir Thomas Basset]]   *[[Sir Thomas Basset]]
   *[[Maurice Baud|Col. Maurice Baud]]   *[[Maurice Baud|Col. Maurice Baud]]
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   *[[Sir John Girlington]]   *[[Sir John Girlington]]
   *[[Sir Thomas Glenham]]   *[[Sir Thomas Glenham]]
-  *[[Duke of Gloucester]] (Philip Stanhope)+  *[[Duke of Gloucester]] (Ferdinando & Philip Stanhope)
   *[[Sir Charles Goring]]   *[[Sir Charles Goring]]
   *[[Lord Gorings Lifeguard|Lord George Goring'​s Lifeguard]]   *[[Lord Gorings Lifeguard|Lord George Goring'​s Lifeguard]]
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   *[[Lord John Somerset]]   *[[Lord John Somerset]]
   *[[Henry, Lord Spencer]] (later Sir Thomas Colepepper)   *[[Henry, Lord Spencer]] (later Sir Thomas Colepepper)
-  *[[Col. Ferdinando Stanhope]] ​(later John Barnard}+  *Col. Ferdinando Stanhope ​– see [[Duke of Gloucester]]
   *Col. Philip Stanhope – see [[Duke of Gloucester]]   *Col. Philip Stanhope – see [[Duke of Gloucester]]
   *[[Sir Edward Stawell]]   *[[Sir Edward Stawell]]
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 +  *Lord Taafe - see [[Duke of Gloucester]]
   *[[Sir Richard Tempest]]   *[[Sir Richard Tempest]]
   *Col. Richard Thornhill – see [[Sir William Boteler]]   *Col. Richard Thornhill – see [[Sir William Boteler]]