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   *Cornet Othwell Besloe I.O. Lincs. ​   *Cornet Othwell Besloe I.O. Lincs. ​
-  *Cornet Edward Bowden I.O. Lincs.+  *Cornet Edward Bowden I.O. (7) + Lincs.
   *Cornet Thomas Lovell I.O. L + W   *Cornet Thomas Lovell I.O. L + W
   *Cornet John Rask I.O. Lincs. to Sgnt. Maj. Scroop   *Cornet John Rask I.O. Lincs. to Sgnt. Maj. Scroop
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 Burials. Burials.
 Captain Toogood 24. April 1646 Captain Toogood 24. April 1646
 +(7)  SP23.179.779
 +The humble petition of Edward Bowden
 +That whereas your petitioner being a Cornett in the Kings Armie,upon the declaracion of both Kingdoms came in and hath ever since lived peacably at his owne home. 
 +The certificate of the standing Committee of the Countie of Lincolne
 +States that he is of Roxby and served as a Trooper and then Cornet to Captain Marmaduke Darrell and came in latter end of April 1644.