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 =====Notable Officers===== =====Notable Officers=====
 ====Sir William Huddlestone==== ====Sir William Huddlestone====
 +Colonel William Huddlestons Regiment of Horse  
 +Lieutenant Colonel 
 +Sargeant Major 
 +Captain Lieutenant ​     Eldred Curwen ​          ​(1) ​  
 +Captain ​                         Thomas Bedberrow ​  I.O. L + W  
 +Captain ​                         Ralph Fetherston ​      (3) + I.O. L + W 
 +Captain ​                         Joseph Huddleston ​  I.O. Cumb. 
 +Cornet ​                          ​Joseph Carter ​            I.O. Cumb. 
 +Cornet ​                          ​Christopher Irton        I.O. Cumb.   
 +Cornet ​                          John Kirkbank ​           I.O. Cumb.   
 +Quartermaster ​            ​William Morton ​           I.O. Durham  
 +Quartermaster ​            Rice Beaumont ​          (2) 
 +(1)  E.355.25 
 +A letter of Patricius Curwen Baronet,​Knight of the Shire of Cumberland,​afterwards a Commissioner of Array, written with his owne hand to his brother Eldred Curwen,a Papist and Captain Lieutenant to Colonell Hudleston. 
 +‘Brother, I should have been glad to have heared ​ from you by a line or two,I must confesse the businesse you undertake is of so high concernment for his Majesties service (in which I beseech God send you all good successe) as I durst not adventure mine advice to you,lest I might have been thought a hinderer to that service,to which no man living can wish more happiness: No man can blame me to say that my adventure in it (of three brothers) is more than ordinary,​all things considered.And if I should wish two might have served ,and you had staid I deserve no great censure for it. I am very sorry for nothing but that you took not mine advice,but your own wisdome,I might and do submit unto,and pray for your good fortune: And I am confident when you reflect of my former carriage towards you,and my affectionate valuation of you,you will think that such a hazard doth work with me,knowing how things stand with me; if at your leisure I may heare from you,and that you have such a Command as is worthy of you,you shall doe me a favour,and yd  me to let you heare of the welfare of your friends here: In the meane time accept my best wishes and prayers for your good successe,​and remember my love to my brothers with you,and my service to your noble Colonell; and be ever assured you shall never find me wanting in any respect that may most manifest how really I am, Sir 
 +Work: Febr 6.1642[3] ​     Your affectionate Brother and servant,Pa. Curwen.  
 +I doubt not but you will be carefull that all be done faire at Wothen [Whitehaven ?] Castle where I heare you are,that no wrong be done there,​either by your own trooper any others,that you can helpe,for I dare say my Brother Darcy thinkes you very wel-come there,​especially if you have made choice of that place yourself; this inclosed I pray you doe your best in it,the mans name is William Peale.’ 
 +(2) SP29.152.36.iv 
 +Examination of Richard Harby of Egremont Cumberland whose actual name is Rice Beaumont. 
 +Cornet under Command of Colonel Sir John Redman Governor of Pontefract Castle,then Marshall to him. 
 +Later Quartermaster to Sir William Huddleston of Millom Castle. 
 +Moulton/​Maulton March 1643 taken Sargeant Major Huddlestone,​Captain Huddleston,​Captain Curwen,​Cornet Curwen.E.247.11 FIND ORIGINAL SOURCE. 
 +SP29.13.17 August 1661 ? 
 +To the Kings most excellent Maiestie 
 +The humble petition of Ralph Fetherstonhaugh of ye Citty of Durham. 
 +That your petitioner hath from the yeare 1645 during the time of the late unhappy warres served your late Royall Father of ever blessed memory.That he was taken at the fight at Rowton Heath and kept prisoner 4 monthes at Nantwich 
 +E.7.14 Lord Ogle Col. Huddleston,​Lt. Col. Huddleston,​Mr Maxfield,​Cornet Grimes. 
 +Propably Ferdinando Huddleston PB240092 Commanded his fathers Troop- cAPT.Lt. ? THEN Lt. Col. in 1648 under Sir Philip Musgrave. 
 =====See Also====== =====See Also======
 ===== Links ===== ===== Links =====